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June 5, 2003
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Tool Using Jet!

8:39 pm: A very good day. Jet ate a lot today. He started with a bunch of cereal after I'd gotten up with him at 6:30. He cheerfully ate handful after handful of apple cereal, even after drinking half a cup of milk. I was very impressed.

He was 'very emotional' at Joan's, as Joan put it, but he did well, and behaved beautifully. One very interesting thing was that when he got home, he found a long stick and did his best to use the end of it to hit the buttons that open and close the garage doors. I was pretty impressed when he managed to turn some of the lights on with the stick.

He slept when he got home, for the usual hour and a half, and asked for more nursing when he got up, but then he ate half a grilled cheese sandwich, some Sun Chips, and then more of the cereal along with a big glass of juice. That was very impressive indeed after all the struggles I've been having getting him to eat anything other than dry, raw ramen.

We headed to the Rec. Center early. He got a balloon from Joan when they went to a car dealership over something they needed for their mini-van. So he played with it the whole way to the Rec. Center. One the way into the center, Jet was playing with his balloon, so he wasn't looking where he was going and nearly ran into someone. He grinned at them and said, "Oh! Sorry." and kept going.

Wow. He can say relevant things! How very cool. John said, when we met up, that this morning, when Jet dropped something and John got it for him, Jet said, "Oh! Thank you!!" in obvious delight. So he really understands what that statement is for. That was very keen.

We got there early, so we had no problems working out. I got a good session in with the weights. Even with the stretches and weight work that I've done in just the last two weeks, my arm's gotten more capable. Jet got to play outside at the child care center, and he was out there in a puddle, pulling dead insects out of things and throwing them away. He really liked splashing around in the puddles before we went swimming.

Swimming was fun. Jet jumped around, rode us, swam around in the current area, and found a float to play with. He was delighted when he told me to go away that I went up the big stairs and came down the big slide. Jet had a huge smile for me when I got back.

We showered and headed home. John actually hit the grocery store on the way back and we had hot dogs, beans, and chips for dinner. Jet didn't eat his hot dog, but he did eat a lot of goldfish, drank half my pop (I'd left it on the counter and he actually got it down and drank it while I wasn't looking), ate a bunch of potato chips, and then settled down to nosh, some more, on the cereal. After his eating day I didn't begrudge him his dinner.

It was really cool that the Ducks tied the series up 2-2, but they lost today. I was mildly sad about that. It's the ultimate Cinderella story. I really enjoyed following the Wild until they fell to the Ducks, but the Ducks had been seeded even lower than the Wild. So they're my favorite at the moment. Yay underdogs!

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