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June 10, 2003
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Announcement Day

A stressful, full day at work today. I had a really hard time this morning, during the PRT. I really didn't know if Jayashree expected me to make my little announcement about transferring, especially since technical marketing was looking to me to double-check their MRL before their deadline this Thursday. I felt mildly bad about not telling them why I wasn't going to be checking their work. I was also pretty tense about making the announcement, not knowing if I should make the announcement, and found that I could relax after Jayashree told me not to make it.

I did, however, make the announcement during the staff meeting. That was, however, at the end of the day. So my stomach felt funny all day. I forgot to eat breakfast, and had half a sandwich for lunch. So by the time I got home I felt really awful, and knew that it was mostly from lack of food. So I ate, of all things, a handful of Sun Chips. John and Jet were not home. They'd gone to get the Passat's front right tire fixed and get some groceries for tomorrow's dinner.

When they got home John had to work for a while while I took care of Jet. He planned to eat out tonight, but I was in no mood to go out. Instead, John just made some fish planks and French fries, and Jet got to eat his fill of French fries. I enjoyed the dinner too. It was just nice to have someone else cook and decide what to cook.

After dinner I chopped red and green cabbage along with some red onion, very finely, for John's red cabbage salad. It's for tomorrow's dinner, as he's having a meeting here of church folks. The mini food processor works really well for chopping jobs like this. If I don't crowd the bowl too much, it has about a one cup capacity, so it's fairly easy to measure cups of chopped cabbage. John made the dressing, added the dried cranberries, and did the rest of the work, including the cleanup. So I can't complain. It was fairly soothing work, actually, something simple where I could easily see the progress I was making.

I am glad that I made the announcement. I got quite a few wishes for my future success. That was nice. It still feels odd, though. I've been at this for so long, it feels very strange to leave

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