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June 9, 2003
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Swimming and Pizza

There's a very innocuous seeming black tea that's in the "British Blend" category for Upton Teas. It's called the Baker Street Blend, and I love it. It's got most everything you'd expect of a British blend, but for one unexpected thing. It has a good measure of Lapsong Suchong, and whenever I open the tea I get a huge hit of smoky beauty. Mmm....

I love it. Especially while trying to kick start my brain in the morning. As soon as I get a whiff of that smokiness, it makes me think of Holmes, mysteries, and all the unrealistic gorgeousness of the Victorian Orient. It's pretty cool. It's one of those smell associations that's a whole cloud of meaning.

Amusingly enough it seems that my laptop handles dictation much more easily when I have the AC power off and run only on the batteries. The additional thing is that the software needs the CPU to be running as fast as possible, so any power saving schemes that the OS has has to allow for the fastest CPU speed possible. This is not usual for power schemes. It also means that the battery runs out quickly, but there's still plenty of juice for most useful writing projects.

Today has been a fairly hard Monday. Jet has been wonderful, and even took a nap right as soon as he got home. I have no complaints with him. It's been work that's been hard. Jayashree and I agreed that we would announce my transfer tomorrow to the group. I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself today with that looming over my head.

It's going to be a big change. John keeps reminding me of all the reasons that I came up with when I first decided to look into the problem ask the people what there was to do. The new job will be very interesting, and the environment on that side of the company is far more conducive to the way I work; however, it's really hard to leave all the things that are familiar. I understand the problems on the side. I understand what it was that I had to do, and how it helps the people that used everything I produced. And I don't yet understand nearly that much about the new job. But that is how all change is, I guess.

After wrestling with work in the morning and dithering while Jet napped, it was a relief when Jet woke up. We played had lunch together, made pizza dough and sauce together, and put said dough into the fridge before packing everything up in the van. We met John at the Longmont Rec. Center at 4:30. Both John and I worked out, while Jet played at the childcare center. John finished earlier than I did, and went to get Jet and take him to swimming. I did a few more weights and, eventually, followed. Swimming was fun. John and Jet had found to plastic submarines on the floor of the pool in the deep end of the play pool. Jet actually went underwater in order to reach them. He did really well under water, holding his breath with no problem and picking up the toys in the bottom of the pool in the shallower end.

That was fun to see.

From there we headed home. I made pizza. I hand threw the dough instead of rolling it out as it was just so much faster. We each had our own pizza, and topped it accordingly. Jet just had pepperoni on his, though he piled it high along with the cheese. Both John and I had hot Italian sausage, red onions, and plenty of cheese. But I put my sauce on top, just to test it out as a number of New York style pizza makers do that and I wanted to see if it made a difference as to the texture of the crust.

It was mildly odd. It felt like having cheese bread with stuff on top, rather than pizza. So I probably won't do that again. The dough I did was Alton Brown based, but since I did it in a bread machine, I don't like nearly as much salt as he uses, and, therefore, didn't need nearly as much sugar as the recipe originally called for. Yes. I modified the recipe significantly. The fridge time, though, was good, as was the hand-shaping of the pie.

The reason we'd done pizza at home instead of going out to eat was the hockey game. It was game Seven of the Lord Stanley's Cup between the DUCKS! and the New Jersey Devils. The New Jersey Devils were no surprise. But the Ducks had been, and they'd lost the first two games and then heroically come back to win the next two. This after battling through the qualifying series in ways that they hadn't been expected to win, but they did. The Ducks had lost the fifth game, won the sixth and here they were in the Seventh with a chance at the Cup at last.

It was a mildly sad game. The Devils shut the Ducks out, and they just completely dominated the game in their rink with their fans. Ah well. I think that the real fun had been in watching the whole set of series and following all the initial teams al the way through to the destination. Though only a few years ago Colorado knocked the Devils out in a seventh game, this time they got their due

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