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June 11, 2003
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Church Meeting in the House

8:35 pm: I am pretty tired. Part of me can't believe that it is only Wednesday. Some of that is that we did a lot today, and the rest is my mild lack of motivation.

The morning started out well enough. Jet slept pretty well last night, as far as I knew. John got up to be with him around 3:30, and never came back to bed. I heard the two of them getting up sometime around 6:30. Jet didn't eat much breakfast, and John and I shared the last two scones. So no one had too much breakfast. We all left by eight, and got Jet to Joan's with no trouble. They were planning to go to a playground rather than the mall, and play outside in the sunshine. The weather today was very good. It started out sunny and warm and by midafternoon the thunderhead started to appear. There's been a little bit of rain in the last hour, which has cooled things down considerably.

I did have fun asking the entire development team about my project at work. They all had interesting ideas as to what they expected and how they expected the information to be presented. There was some consensus as to certain features that I thought essential for the use cases that I had been given. It was really nice to be backed up in that way.

Sadly, no one decided to go to lunch with John and I. So John and I made a change in plan and went to Chef Extraordinaire instead. It was a good choice. Food Network has been showing a series of barbecue specials, so I have been craving good barbecue. I think they have the best barbecue in the area, as it is rich with smoke but still moist and tender rather than dried out. They also have three sauces, a mild, medium, and hot. I think one of the servers got the flavors mixed up, and the one that he said was mild was actually medium. The one that he said was medium was actually more mild the mild. I really enjoyed the ribs. There beans were a little too spicy for me, but the coleslaw cooled things down enough that I could eat the beans and enjoy them.

When we got home I dropped John of that the house and went to pick Jet up. He hadn't gone to sleep until 12:15, so when I got there he was still asleep. Even with all the jostling to getting up to the car and then into the house, he never woke up. He stayed asleep until a little bit after two, which was very nice as I got to get a few things done before he woke up. John then took him from 2:30 to 3. So I got to get a little bit more work done before John had his meeting at three.

At four John started to prep the chickens, and get them on the rotisserie. I helped with what I could, but really didn't do much work until the chickens were nearly done. I did the temperature probe work to make sure that the chickens were cooked through, let them rest for a while, and then parted them while John grilled some asparagus. The salad was done from yesterday, and the beans were easy to heat while John grilled the asparagus. By that time everyone had arrived, and filled the small patio with the gas grill. Jet was happily trying to get everyone's attention, and both Ben and Sam came over to see what all the noise was about. I guess all the voice is carried.

It was John's New Membership Board meeting. There were seven people all here to talk about what to do to attract new members and take care of their old ones. They met for a good two hours, including dinner, and I had to make sure that Jet didn't disrupt their meeting by too much. Jet and I spent sometime in the basement playing Crash Bandicoot's Crash Team Racing. Jet really wanted to see the cars and trucks, and that kept him pretty happy until he had a giant poopy. I was very impressed that he voluntarily went upstairs, but then he discovered the cookies. He spent a little while passing cookies out to everyone that would take one from him. I then got to change him. But he didn't want to go back downstairs, instead he wanted to play with everyone in the living room. It's his usual play area, and I wonder if it confused him somewhat have all these people in there who would not play with him. They were too intent on talking about what they needed to talk about. I know that frustrated him.

So, as all of the positive discipline books will say, when the kid is discouraged they will misbehave. So Jet took the caps off his Whiteboard pens, and refused to allow anyone to put the caps back on. I finally had to drag him down into the basement, and start up the choo-choo racing track on Crash Team Racing. After Jet saw the railway car a few times, he got interested in the race again. But it only lasted a few laps, and he wanted to go upstairs again. Luckily, the meeting had already gone two hours by this time, and they were almost finished. It was enough for Jet to sit in John's lap and play with his laptop for the rest of the meeting.

John's been cleaning up. Jet's still pretty grumpy, I'm not sure if he ate much more than cookies, but John was trying hot dog as I was coming upstairs for a break. Between a full play morning and the party this evening and not being able to play with everyone at the party, I think Jet got really wound up. I really needed a little time to myself after dealing with Jet for most of the afternoon and after having all those people over. I can feel the tension in my shoulders, so I know I've been under some stress. It is funny to realize that the stretching software does not consider dictation entry as keystroke entry, but it does make sense.

It definitely helps my hands to not type or do much mouse work. It is, however, hard on my voice to use it so constantly for so long. One great thing is that my boss got the purchase request, so she's signed it and it's headed back to me. I'm so glad. That should get my port replicator, which should allow me to just plug my laptop into my big screen and my ergo keyboard and all my usual mouse stuff by sometime next week. I can, at least, hope.

Wow. The coyotes are out, howling up a storm, and all the neighborhood dogs are responding. Usually the dogs are quiet when the howling begins. That's interesting. It's not quite dark, yet, either. Well, I should go down, now

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