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June 16, 2003
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Swimming Fun

10:32 pm: Jet had a great day today. He slept all night, until well after 6, and then refused to eat much breakfast. But he had a great time at Joan's, and came home and went right to sleep and stayed that way for an entire two hours. I got a lot done for work in that time. Five straight hours of concentration time is a very rare thing anymore.

So when Jet got up, I just dropped everything and we had some lunch. But Jet refused to eat grilled cheese sandwich, though he did eat some potato chips. We then went to the Rec. Center and met up with John.

Okay, it was a little harder than that. Jet really wanted to go outside and play in our neighbor's sandbox. I wouldn't lift him over the fence and I wouldn't let him climb it. He also found it pretty hard going with three trucks in his hands. He wouldn't let go of them to climb the fence. Finally, since it was time to leave, I just picked him up and took him into the house, changed him and then took him out to the car and strapped him into his seat. He was crying the whole time, until he got put into his seat. That's when he realized he was going out, and he turned perfectly content.

Jet brought three trucks with him to go to the Rec. Center. He hung onto them through thick and thin on the way there. He even asked me, politely, to please stop and get his truck for him when he dropped one. I can't argue with a polite request, so I stopped and got it for him. I like it when he politely asks for stuff instead of just screaming. So it's good to reward it, even if it's a mite inconvenient for me.

He trundled into the kid care with his three trucks and immediately went to play outside. He didn't even say good-bye. Grin.

So John and I had our usual workouts. Then we got back to kid care, convinced Jet to go, and there's a woman and her boy outside the door just as we're trying to go out. Jet squirts by them and runs, pell mell down the hallway (with one extra truck from the kid care room, which we found later). John and I yell, "JET!" and the woman blinks and says, "Is that Jet?" John squirts out the door and goes after Jet, "Yes." I say to the woman.

"Oh, I know you!" she says, "You have a journal. Lir-ah... I'm with Elth..."

"Darla. Yeah! I'm Liralen." I grin and look at the boy, "You must be Owen, then."

"Glad to meet you!" we shake hands, and grin and then I charge off after the boys.

That was cool. Unexpected, but cool.

Dinner was at the Souper Salad. Jet crammed in huge amounts of pepperoni, croutons, and watermelon. He ate two bowls of ice cream with sprinkles and crushed Oreos, though they were small bowls, he actually fed himself quite neatly with a spoon. I was pretty impressed.

On the way out of the restaurant we heard the sound of a train in the distance. Jet lit up at the sound, and he said, "Sound! Sound! Choo-choo!" It sounded like it was in the direction we were going to be driving and with some persuasion, Jet allowed himself to get strapped into his seat and we went off after the train. We caught the last glimpses of it crossing our path, and Jet wanted to follow it, go in the direction it was going. When we turned the other way, he yelled, "No! Wrong way!" and frantically tried to get us to turn the other way. We were sorry, but we weren't going train chasing. It took a little while for that to sink in, but when it did he was okay with it. We're going to have to find a train for him to ride, sometime.

From there we went home, and Jet didn't quite go to sleep. I was glad of that, though he did get to sleep pretty easily once we got him into his PJ's, brushed his protesting teeth, and got him to nurse. He went to sleep pretty quickly. The house was very warm, so I kept his windows open.

John and I worked through all the Rossiter stretches then. It was hard work. I wanted to do it thoroughly before I had my period, which causes me to bruise more easily and more often. It was really hard work. I was mildly worried about hurting something, but the stretches certainly loosened up stuff that was very stiff. My neck and shoulders were especially glad of the workout, and felt wonderful after the whole thing. I was very impressed by that. I wasn't so impressed by how much my right hand ached afterwards, but the immediate aches are supposed to happen.

I also drank a lot of water to help flush anything that got loose. While the book recommends a walk after the workout, I was too tired to do anything but fall into bed with John. Mmmm... sleep

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