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June 17, 2003
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Bolt Cutters

3:03 pm: Spent most of today waiting for meetings that never appeared. Not too terribly hard a task. I also worked on work the whole time, too, which is very novel. It is very nice to have two days in a row to work on things without too much interruption, other than my stretching exercise program.

Does make for a mildly boring day, though. I did have lunch with Bob, which was good, and it was fun to just sit and talk with him for a while. And I got a few minutes on a mush to talk with people about our road trip and when we should come by to visit with them. There should be time to see a few people at least.

The day started pretty roughly. Jet was up with John from 3-5. He woke me up at 5, and I took over for a while. Jet napped for an hour on my watch, and I got a little sleep in all that, but when he woke up again, he did so quite thoroughly. He was up and jumping up and down on his toddler bed (while chanting "Jump! Jump! Jump!), climbing shelves, climbing his night stand, and playing with everything he could find. He was a veritable whirlwind of activity. Yow.

Both John and I were mildly trashed by the experience.

I did get Jet to Jodie's on time. So that was good. I've spent most of the day thinking about the new UI for the project I'm working on. That's been good, to actually think it all through.

I am also pretty sure that John'll get Jet to nap really well today. I guess the trick is just going to be to nap when Jet's napping tomorrow. I usually write off Wednesday afternoons anyway. And I'll have the morning.

10 pm: The rest of the day was hard. My arms and shoulders are now aching badly. Working with the laptop ALL day was a mistake, and not having the meetings for a break just hurt things all the worse. I am seriously thinking of just going back to my old machine and never looking again at the laptop other than for when I'm going in. I'll just synch when I have to, by using XCS for everything that's really important and my Visor for everything else. This listPro stuff is really good at organizing the Everything Else.

Called home to find that no one was there, so I dropped by Home Despot to look for a pair of wire cutters that could do the fence. I found some heavy duty cutters in the electronics section, but they really didn't seem heavy enough. Finally, I found a lady that pointed me at the tools section of the store and they had cutters galore in there. They even had a third of a wall of tin snips. But I didn't want to use those as tin is much softer than steel. Finally, I saw a bunch of bolt cutters, everywhere from 14 inch to 36 inch monsters, all with the extra articulation for even better leverage.

I thought they'd work, and if we ever needed a bolt cutter, it would do for that, too. When I got home, they were back in the house, they'd been out playing. I made dinner, just reheating the last of the chicken, having salad, plenty of Spanish rice, and broccoli. Not an inspired dinner, but it emptied the fridge just a little more. That was good.

A bit of Bandicoot to watch, a bit of ice cream, and Jet's asleep.

I am so sore. I am also on the verge of my period, so I don't dare do the really heavy duty stretches, as I'll bruise like crazy. So I'll just have to live with it. It's funny realizing all those times when I thought my pillows were to blame for my sore neck and shoulders when, really, it was probably working at the computer. My shoulders and neck are so terribly sore tonight, from looking down at the laptop all the time. It's a lot like when I was first nursing Jet, all that looking down to see if things were going okay... bah. At least I now have something to compare it to.

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