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March 5, 2001
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One Month Jet Check

We went to the baby doctor today and I was mildly relieved, as Jet's finally over his birth weight. We had a 2:30 appointment and got there in plenty of time to get through the registration process and then went back into the pediatricians' area. They have things so that all well visits are during certain hours, which is nice when there's a new baby that I really don't want to get colds until after his eight weeks.

Dr. Turner was as thorough and reassuring as ever. We got all the stats first, and Jet seems to have 'shrunk' a quarter of an inch in length, but his head got bigger, it's now 36 cm around instead of 33.5. It's likely that he didn't really shrink, his head probably just got more round than pointy.

The big thing is that he now weighs 6 lbs and 6 oz in his dry diaper and cover, which John figured was about 3 ounces, so the baby is now an ounce over his birth weight. The doctor said that it wasn't a bad weight gain, as he was only 5 lbs 10 oz when we went in for his initial check. Three ounces a week was a growth rate about in the range for his initial size. The doctor said that he would, likely, have a growth spurt pretty soon.

We also discussed the fact that Jet did have a little gas every now and then, like on the first day that my parents arrived, when he fussed and yelled for most of the afternoon. I'd heard of drops that were supposed to help with gas, and Dr. Turner volunteered that Mylacon was excellent and so mild that one could give it with every feeding if one needed to to a baby. It doesn't get absorbed by the baby and breaks up bubbles in the digestive tract so that they can get out more quickly. She said it would be fine to use the stuff on him, so we'll have to get some.

The afternoon proved to me, even more how much we needed the stuff. John was really low on sleep 'cause of my needing to get better over the weekend, so he went to take a nap this afternoon, without telling me an ending time to the nap. So I did my best to let him sleep as late as he wanted, and Jet was just on a tear. Crying, eating, wetting everything in sight with one diaper change, and then doing it all again. By the time John got up I was crying.

We resolved to make sure that the next time John did take a nap, he'd let me know when it would end and/or if I got way too far gone at any time I could wake him up. I'm so bad at asking for help, but after today, I think I'll get better about it.

This is why I don't ever want to leave Jet with a single caretaker. Any one person can always break, eventually, if there's anything else going on, it just gets impossible, sometimes. This is why, if I'm going to leave him with someone, I want that someone to have some kind of back-up, some way to take a break.

Jet got much better by evening, and slept as he usually sleeps. I don't think that a month ago, when we first got him home that we would have believed that all three of us would be sleeping at the same time in the bedroom at reasonable hours.

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