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March 6, 2001
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Pumping Blues

Jet was much, much better today. I half think that it was because of Michele and my massage today.

I took him with me because John was going to be at work by the time I was done, and so Jet and I left before John did. I fed Jet just before we left. I had Jet in the carrier, and when we actually got there, Jet started fussing a little. Michele cleared out an area for me to check his diaper, but he was dry as a bone, and he continued to fuss, so I thought it was gas. I cradled him and bounced him and he quieted, but reluctantly, so I was a bit apprehensive about the massage.

Michele said that I could hold him while we did the massage and it was very interesting to do so while she was working on me. Jet got mad a little ways into it and I couldn't figure out what was going on when my left breast started leaking milk. So I automatically put Jet onto the nipple and he quieted instantly. He suckled away while Michele worked on me and when we went to one side, he stayed on that nipple while she worked on my back that way. I managed to roll over with him when we went to the other side and he latched on happily on that side for about two minutes before falling asleep.

He stayed asleep while I dressed and paid Michele and woke up when I moved him into the car seat. He slept all the way home.

Then he was peaceful, sleepy and perfect all afternoon, doing graceful stretches every time after he ate, hands floating in swan-like directions. Looking a bit like Super Boy flying through the air with one fist in front of him and the other crooked just-so.

We had a simple routine, as well. He'd be sleepy and then wake up with a wet diaper, which I would change and then he'd eat until he fell asleep again at the nipple. Then it would all go around again. So simple and quiet when he was so content.

So... last week, while John was gone to work, and I was home alone with Jet and John had called Qwest about an ISDN phone line. I had just managed to get Jet settled down for a nap so I could pump when the doorbell rang. I hurriedly put all the pumping stuff down, closed up my shirt and left the flaps of my nursing bra open under it. I ran to the door and it was the Qwest guys coming to put in the line! That was cool. He needed to find the inlet, and eventually we found it in the garage. I went back to pumping.

Five minutes later, the doorbell rang again, and it was the local Dairy delivery folks asking if they could deliver to us. I was, again, half put together, but I was really interested, as I was going through a lot more milk each day. So I was halfway through the paperwork for signing up when I heard Jet waking up. So I got Jet and bounced him as I went out to finish up the paperwork. When that was all done, I noticed that the Qwest guy had gone and the garage door was still open, so I closed the garage door. I then tried putting Jet back down while I pumped and juggled his binky and my bottles as he was fussing everytime the binky fell out. That's when the doorbell rang again. The Qwest guy hadn't really finished and needed to get in again.

That's when I just gave up on pumping and said that it would take care of itself when John got back.

And it did.

Tonight I got to reap some of the rewards of that very frustrating afternoon. I got to actually fill in the order card for our milk delivery. It's a bit like having the diary case of the grocery store delivered. I like that, and it was fun to fill in the card and clip it to the box. A bit like filling out a wish list for Santa Claus and having it appear in the middle of the night.

Only thing is that Santa Claus usually doesn't get caught. At 3 am John was changing one of Jet's diapers and he heard thumping out on the back deck. The security light came on and there was the sillouette of a man on the porch! To top it off, when John came out he only caught a glimpse of the man and then the guy actually *ran* away. It freaked John out, as he thought he'd caught an intruder in the act for a moment before he realized whom it must have been. The running away had been weird, but the guy might have just been on a really tight schedule.

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