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March 12, 2001
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Out On My Own

I actually got to go out today on my own. I ran out and did some grocery shopping. A small adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. It was mildly rushed, but good and I did manage to get back in time to feed Jet again on his new two hour schedule. He's eating every two hours on the hour and it now feels normal.

I think my breast tissues are getting hard and hot again, just like when they were engorged. I guess that is evidence that my breasts really are responding to the new demand. Plus the fact that Jet is getting good drinks off them at every time when they're demanded. I'm still dripping even late in the day, which I don't think I was doing even a few weeks or even last week.

Jet is so cool. There are moments when he looks like ET, the motions are those of someone trying to figure out this tracking thing. He's waving his hands and feet around and trying to figure out what they are and even where they might be. At times he seems a bit like an alien parasite, at others he's a possible human being doing the astonishing feat of learning from ground zero how to be human by watching others and trial and error.

He's so small. He's getting bigger every day.

His hand are definitely getting bigger, stronger. They're heavier than when he was newborn. It's easy to feel that when he grips my finger, now, and it's amazing to me that he's actually growing.

The afternoon was pretty tough. Jet wasn't going to go to sleep unless he was in the sling and I didn't think I wanted to do that. He did nap for a few minutes at a time, but would wake up to peer at me. The diaper service didn't get the diapers here today. So we were using the disposables, and Jet didn't really like them too much.

George and Isabel went to a friend's house today and by the time they came back with a Papa Murphy's pizza and John got out of his office I was ready for a break. I just went straight to bed and fell deeply asleep instantly. I slept for exactly forty-five minutes, right when Jet woke up and wanted to eat again. So he ate while they baked the pizza and Isabel was great and held him while we all ate.

I felt much better for the short, intense nap.

After dinner, John and his mom tackled Jet's weekly bath. They had a great time, too. Reminded me of my mom helping John bathe Jet. Fun and an adventure and they wore Jet out pretty well.

Jet was feeding again after his bath, while we watched more of From the Earth to the Moon. The first Apollo flight after the testing accident. It was really keen to watch. I also baked a pan of brownies just before it started, and while I was feeding Jet, John checked them and pulled them out when they were done. George had been asking about the lychee nuts, so John broke open the can of them I had in the fridge, after asking me if it was okay, and we had them for dessert. That was good in the way canned peaches can be good, though not nearly as good as the fresh ones.

Jet finished at 9:30 and I tried pumping and got very little. He was drinking during most of the feeding, and was so content and so tired, he fell asleep in John's arms. So we just bottled the pumping and let him sleep.

Of course he woke up at 11:30 as a result. So we just fed him and pumped and did it again, so there were three feedings tonight. I guess it's something to get used to along with the two hour feedings he craves.

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