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March 18, 2001
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Group Dinner and Outside Adventures

So yesterday Cathie and Walt arrived late in the afternoon. We'd just putzed around the house most of yesterday and I even had a little time to get to my email on eskimo and write a few entries. I still haven't put anything up, yet, and am afraid it's going to be machine gun like when I actually do get to put entries up because of that intensity when I do have the time to do something.

Instead of trying to cook for six, we coordinated things with the Goodells and the Hamiltons and all three families arrived at Deli Cioso's and we all had a very loud, noisy, boisterous group dinner in the midst of a bunch of other loud, noisy, boisterous groups that were all kinds of families there. It was great. I got to catch up with Joan and Bob and everyone else. It was very cool to see Haley-baby so big and happy and playing with her teenage brother. Nice to talk with Joan and get some sympathy about breastfeeding being hard and why she stopped at three months. Given my experiences it was good to simply get that kind of support.

While I might kind of look forward to formula and the freedom from once evrey two hour feedings, I guess I won't look forward to the smelly diapers.

I only realized, today, that yesterday was Saint Patrick's day and today I'm wearing my green nursing sweatshirt and my pale green sweatpants. Being a stay at home mommy means never having to worry about my fashionability. Hey, it's not like Jet cares how I look, so long as I'm myself and there for him. It's amazing to realize just how little he judges me in any way. My hair can be going in ten thousand directions, my teeth might not be brushed, and I can be wearing just about anything and he'll still snuggle with me and still like me. It's very cool.

We got up a bit early as Cathie and Walt had to leave by 9:30 to visit with a friend, which is way weird for us compared to all the time previous, which was mostly dictated by what Jet wanted. Schedule? What's a schedule?

I had Cathie bake some of the Grands cinnamon rolls just to have something for breakfast and everyone ate one except Walt, who normally doesn't have breakfast anyway. Cathie had fun snuggling with Jet and even changing him. He, of course, returned the favor by spraying everything, including his clothes, so she could have more fun dressing him as well. He coo'ed the entire time. There actually are times, now, when he doesn't mind getting changed, and will even take the opportunity to stretch his legs. The newborn diaper and cover are so big on him that he pretty much exists bowlegged most of the time, and he's just discovered the joy of stretching without any encumberment while being changed.

Lunch was tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Afterwards, Jet decided he really wanted to eat, so he went for a whole hour, which was a good thing as afterwards we all jumped into the car. We had some grocery shopping we had to do. Some of it was from mildly changed travel plans and George and Isabel were going to stay through to Thursday, as they'd originally thought. There had been some possibility of Walt driving back to Albuquerque with them today, but things didn't quite work out, so they decided to stay. I was very glad of the extra help with Jet and with errands like grocery shopping.

We actually went to the cheese importers, first, and then to Safeway, and we got everything done. It was fun to wander through everything, and John was a real sweety and convinced me to pamper myself a bit and get a caramel decaf latte for myself from the Starbucks in the grocery store. One of the requests was for a fish dinner, so we got salmon and when we got home, when I'd finished feeding Jet again, I made dinner. It was seared salmon in a white wine and cream sauce on pasta with bread, spinach salad, and french cut string beans. Yum.

It was nice to make dinner. To feel competent and to do something I really wanted to do, which was cook.

After dinner, Grandpa and John gave Jet a bath and I closed myself upstairs in the computer room, away from the yelling and giggling and did a lot of catchup on my email and on writing a few things. I think that the only real way I'm convinced that I'm feeding Jet enough is from the evidence of the diapers. We are going through them 90 a week and that's likely plenty of food going through the baby. I can't imagine throwing away 90 disposable diapers a week. With the diaper service 90 a week is doable, especially since we don't have to do a thing to them other than dump them in the diaper pail.

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