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March 23, 2001
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I got up at 8, while Jet was still sleeping at 8:20 and since I was hurting, I pumped 2oz in seven minutes, and then ate breakfast. Jet woke up hungry, latched on and didn't get nearly enough for him. He was yelling and kicking and fighting after getting off, so we gave him just 1oz. formula. He immediately quieted. I'm not sure if that was his fault or mine, because one of my breasts still felt pretty full. I guess that's still my fault for not trading off again. Or he might have had some gas while on the second nipple, which was why he was yelling so hard.

I took a nap between 9:30 and 10:30, after I'd had breakfast, just to get some more sleep to fight this stupid throat thing.

Lots of wet diapers throughout. He's gone through the diapers faster than normal and we're already running out. John thought about asking the diaper service for more diapers, but they don't work on Fridays. So we might have to get more disposables.

Nicely, the 11 feeding went well. So I feel a bit better about this morning.

I got to buy books from Amazon and polish some entries. I had problems posting them, but otherwise it was good to have some time to write and recharge my breasts. Jet slept in the sling on John for all this time. The plan is that Jet, John, and the grandparents will go to Safeway after the next feeding while I nap in a quiet house.

My throat still aches when I swallow, but it's getting smaller with all the sleep. It's only when I've been up a while that it starts to hurt more. So maybe if I nap while they're all gone, things will be better. I may also be able to pump just after they've all left and I'll have a couple of hours to recharge instead of minutes.

One thing I realized this morning was that for at least a week, now, Jet's managed to go to sleep on his own. He hasn't needed to get into bed with us. He chirps, wiggles, and squeaks some when he first goes to bed, but he eventually falls asleep on his own. He doesn't really need us to get to sleep, now, which is a very keen thing in and of itself. He doesn't work himself up into a frenzy with his binky and start yelling.

His vocalizations have gotten pretty cool. Chirps and yowls and sometimes, now, when playing with Grandpa, he'll let out a yell from sheer exhuberance. It's mildly startling.

The feeding and the grocery plan went perfectly. I dropped dead into sleep the moment I hit the pillows. I did take a little time to eat something before I went to sleep and I even cooked myself some oatmeal for tomorrow. It's good to get ahead of *something*. The nap while they were away was exquisit. NO noises, whatsoever, not even baby squeaks or grandparents trying to conjole him into silence with noises louder than even his. No movements around the house, and no voices in conversation. I think I miss having a house to just John and Jet and I, because even when Jet's asleep, there's usually a few adults around that often invokes some kind of conversation.

It's hard, too, sometimes, to fit to a schedule simply because there are so many people that there sometimes has to be some kind of expectation. John's better about doing what he wants to do, but especially at lunch and dinner time there's an expectation that we'll 'eat together' and folks make the effort to make that so. Sometimes it's nice, but sometimes I really do realize it isn't something John and I would do on our own.

By evening, Jet was getting hungry after eating, again. I am really tired of this. I'm going to probably have to call some people tomorrow and ask how to up milk production... or something. This is just getting to be too much.

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