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March 3, 2002
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Day Three


Jet started throwing up again this afternoon and we finally figured out that it was probably the Motrin. Bad parents. Sigh. It's making him throw up again, and we were completely unable to go out or do anything and Jet needed so much care and attention. It's okay. He needed it. We had absolutely no qualms about that. We also didn't go to church, and it was an easy decision.

We did laundry, we cleaned up a lot of stuff. Jet threw up a lot so we had to clean more things up. Ugh.

We did get fried chicken for dinner from the Coffee Urn. I was pretty shaky by dinner time, so John did the honors and we have to go out tomorrow to send the Passat to the dealership to get some things fixed and some maintenance done that's hard to do for its 100,000 mile checkup. So I won't 'die' of cabin fever.

It was so cold last night. -16 Friday night, -12 last night. Tonight is supposed to be cold again, too.

John called the Coffee Urn, ordered and then picked up our dinner. I was very glad of the food when I ate it. All my shakes went away. I haven't been Jet's sole source of sustenance in a very, very long time, and I think I underestimated how much the extra eating I was doing when he was little really sustained me and him. I really don't eat enough to provide everything for his milk as well as for me anymore.

I really needed the big meal. I was very glad John went to the trouble to get it for me.

The most discouraging thing about today is the fact that Jet's throwing up every time after he eats off me. He was doing fine with this yesterday, but today he's got a completely different pattern from Friday, which was throwing up *everything* an hour after eating. Today, he's throwing up *some* immediately after eating, but it's nerve-wracking for both of us, as he's so happy and content while eating. It's just minutes after that he's coughing and choking and crying and up again.

It's just making me a really sad wreck, as it's the only liquid he'll take, but it's what's triggering things.

Thing is that we thought about giving him the Motrin because he had a high fever, and the throwing up pattern only started after he'd been eating the Motrin. So we think it might be that, and the pediatrics' web site has said that it's a common side effect. Bah. So we've swapped to Tylenol, but he's still having problems. He's fine after throwing up for a bit, and he even played a little today.

He is having big, green, sloppy diapers, though, but they're relatively easy to clean up after.

I hope tomorrow is better

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