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March 4, 2002
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Victim Number Two

10:23 pm: I can't believe I survived today, eventhough I did take it off as sick leave, I can't believe that I survived it. Especially after yesterday, and last night. Plus John came down with something that has given him a really high fever, the shakes, and a mildly unhappy stomach. Luckily it's not nearly as bad as Jet's 'bad stomach' of the last couple of days. It still meant that I had Jet to myself without any assurance that he wouldn't start vomiting the way he was last night.

He didn't, though. He kept everything down today. He's either better of the Motrin wore off. John slept as much as he could, and managed to give jet his one real nap of the day while I slept for two hours like a dead woman. It would have been my normal time with CeLena but it seemed unfair to give her the virus, too, and I *so* needed the sleep. We've rescheduled for Friday, I'll probably need it by then, and I don't want to stiff her the time.

I should be sleeping now.

Enough that we survived. I also am feeling okay, so I ate a good dinner, with potstickers from the freezer that I'd made and I fried bananas in a bit of butter, added brown sugar and had them warm on ice cream. That was very nice, indeed. Jet's taught me that while I feel good, I should take advantage of it.

Bill was warned that I was too busy taking care of John and Jet. Personal time off, thankfully, is applicable to kids and spouses being out of it and having to take care of them. I'm glad I don't *have* to be sick to take it. We'll see how I do.

It would be amusing, after all the moaning I've been doing about how doomed we are that if I didn't get sick.

After all the snow of the last few days, today was warm and sunny and everything was melting. We had to take the Passat into Boulder for them to fix the door and do some 100,000 mile maintenance. I got the honor of driving and had a little tricky work getting the Passat through the thick snow to the road. Once there I saw that someone had, last night, taken out the post box and part of our fence. Oops. The ice and snow had been pretty bad. The trip in was uneventful, other than Jet deciding that it was interesting enough that he wouldn't sleep.

He didn't sleep at all today, other than a few hours in John's arms when John took care of him while I napped. He's now deeply asleep, at the right night time. I'm so glad of that.

When we got back home, we found a note in the now propped up mailbox that was from the guy that knocked things over. He'll be by Wednesday to fix it. I think John will be well by then, and that's when we have to pick the car up, too, sometime. That should be okay.

I hope that tomorrow will be even better.

Last night was bad because Jet continued to throw up whenever he ate off me, so we had to clean up a lot of stuff in the middle of the night. He even threw up after looking like he was peacefully asleep in his infant seat, and the clean up for that was huge. He had two really bad diapers too. We didn't get much sleep, and some of it was because we went to sleep kind of late, in preparation for today. We actually had to be out the door by 8 to get the car in on time, so both of us really got shorted on sleep.

I do believe tonight can only be better

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