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March 2, 2002
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Outlasting the Virus

10:06 pm: So the night was bad but it wasn't as bad as it could have been, I guess. John got Jet at 11, and Jet threw up then, but it wasn't that big so John handled the clean up himself and put Jet back to sleep. I got both of us up at 2, when I heard Jet vomiting again. We did the clean up together, and were very glad of the towel lining Jet's 'bed'. I was also very grateful that Jet sleeps in an infant seat, still, as it really contained any damage Jet could do. It wasn't like he could crawl around his crib throwing up on everything in the bed and anything beyond the bars of the crib. It was all neatly contained in the one towel.

And that was two sleepers. John tossed Jet's laundry into the dryer, as we were running out of kitchen towels for catching and out of sleepers.

I fed him, as he was crying hungry. He took some comforting, even after that, to get back to sleep, and he slept another two hours before throwing up again at 4:30. John took care of that, himself, as it was fairly small, then there was a blow out the other end, and then another small vomiting. So John ran through three sleepers in thirty minutes. He was very glad he had thrown stuff into the dryer.

I woke up at 7 to the sound of Jet kevetching, and I got him and he hadn't vomited himself awake. Yay!

I fed him, and half an hour later, he let loose over everything, my robe, the Boppy, himself.... The kitchen towel was very handy for the aftershocks and for cleaning stuff up. I then took care of Jet and cleaned him up thoroughly, and finally had to just strip off the robe, toss the Boppy into the laundry area, and went into the room to get a shirt. John woke up only enough to mumble something at me and he was asleep even before we left again.

John was pretty wiped out, so Jet and I just settled in to watch WB2 kid cartoons. He was able to forget about being miserable and just watched the bright colors and things. Eventually, he was hungry enough to want to nurse again, and he did, with the same eventual after effect. He was happy during it and I think that having some liquids in his system had to have helped a little.

We went through four sleepers, eventually, including two blowouts the other end, so the virus is working its way through.

By 10, Jet was so tired, he nursed again, and fell asleep in the last sleeper I could find. I was so glad, as we had run out of the kitchen-sized towels as well. I tucked him into his 'bed' with a clean towel, turned on his humidifier and the monitor and then went and started cleaning all the carnage up. There was a lot of cleaning to do, as well as a monster load of laundry. I got that started, and then put the Boppy into the wash as well.

John showered and came out at 10:30, a new man. He said he felt loads better, and proceeded to make breakfast for me. Blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. Yum.

As soon as I was done eating, I said I needed a nap, and it was better to do it while Jet was asleep. John agreed. Of course, half way through getting myself taken apart to go back to sleep, I heard Jet wake up; but I figured John would have things well in hand, and I went to sleep for two hours.

I did wake up during it, but didn't hear any alarming sounds or John running or Jet yelling or anything. Turns out that John fed Jet Pedialyte, and Jet was holding it down. Jet was blowing things out the other end, but not unhappy about that. By the time I woke up, though, Jet was starving, and I fed him with some trepidation.

John went off to drop off the overflowing recycling and get some necessary groceries. The milk had gone bad even Friday, and we needed more Tylenol for Jet as he was now running a pretty hot fever.

I nursed Jet, and he went to sleep. So I tucked him into his seat, turned on the monitor, and made ready with the toweling. I also sat down and made Joan copies of the pictures she wanted, got another week's worth of pictures organized, and got a few other things cleaned up. Flick is having some power supply problems, and Gretchen has started making noises about not maintaining Flick anymore. So this journal may have to move somewhere else, sometime. I got backup of as much as I could think of backing up, and I may move everything to Eskimo as their web speed has improved significantly in the last three years. Jet's picture page does really well on updating.

While I really do enjoy the ease of posting to LiveJournal. I really get more out of this, somehow. So I am going to do what I can to keep this journal alive.

Jet woke up only half an hour later. I cuddled him a lot, was really ready with a clean kitchen towel, but he never threw up. He did have another diaper, but that was relatively easy to clean up after as the mechanism was in place to at least limit the damage. I started to think that the worst might be over.

He nursed. Since my milk is his only 'food' at the moment, I'm not grudging him the every two hour feedings, at all. He was far, far, happier after that, and when John came home, he and Jet actually was able to play a bit. John did our laundry as well, a ton of it, and lay some towels out for Jet to play on. I was really unmotivated to make dinner, but finally thought about chicken and mashed and veggies. I was looking in the freezer for the chicken when I found two tenderloin steaks from a while ago. I thought steak would be far better, so we had that.

I added mushrooms, onion, and garlic to the pan after searing the steaks, let the steaks finish in the toaster oven while I finished the sauce with the dry marsala and some chicken broth. A bit of corn starch slurry to thicken it all up and it went great over the mashed potatoes and the steaks. John cooked broccoli and tossed together the spinach salad and we ate happily.

Jet, interestingly enough, is completely uninterested in any solid foods tonight. He's eaten exactly two goldfish, simple crackers, and he refused everything that John offered him from off his plate. Jet didn't eat bits of a Girls Scout cookie he found and mouthed a little, and he didn't eat any kettle corn when John popped some for a mid-afternoon snack. Smart baby. He did, however, really want some of my seltzer water, and I gave him some, kind of resigned to my doom.

So he seems to be much better. He played a little, he had a great time in his bath. He now smells far better than he did after surviving the night. Now that we have a little assurance that he might not be doing it anymore, the bath seemed an eminently good idea. Jet enjoyed it, played a lot during it, and seemed far more comfortable afterwards. He also fell asleep while nursing and has gone quietly to bed.

Last night I was mostly just a tight ball of cold dread. I'm glad of the two hour nap I had earlier today, but I probably should go to sleep now. We'll see how we all feel in the morning before committing to anything at First Congregational in Longmont. I doubt that Jet's contagious anymore, but I'm thinking that he might have picked this bug up there last week. It's very unlikely that Haley was still carrying any trace of it after a month.

One thing that might help me sleep is a Lenten contemplation on this bit of scripture from Matthew (6:27, 34) "And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life?... Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day."

I really like that last sentence. Just let the doom of the day be good enough for the day and not borrow more doom onto ones head. The anxiety I had last night really didn't help me sleep at all. Actually, but the time I'd experienced the 2 am cleanup and heard the 11 pm cleanup, it was pretty much half the night was already done with. So I slept much better after that, eventhough the 7-10:30 stint was harder anticipating it and worrying about it wouldn't help anyone. Just dealing with what was Right Now was enough.

Sufficient for the day.

I think that it, in a nutshell, summarizes something I've been trying for for a long time. Worrying solves very little, and only makes me more easy to anger, wears me out, and makes me focus, actually, on things that are *less* likely to happen. And it makes me focus on what's in my head instead of what is actually happening, which can sometimes not only be frustrating but could even be dangerous. That was something that "Protecting the Gift" really pointed out to me.

I'm very glad, though, that Jet's feeling better. He was actually smiling a little this evening, and the smile was so much more precious for all the suffering before. I'm even more glad of his usual, sunny nature. I'm also terribly glad that it's likely that I won't have to change shirts again tonight. I'll deal with sleepers and towels if I have to, but I'm not going to worry about that now and just be glad for the fact that it looks like the worst of his stomach flu is over.

Mom and Dad called during dinner to wish Jet a very happy 13th month birthday, and Jet actually talked to them while they were on the phone. He was happy and talking and playing with things in his high chair, and it was just good to hear him again. He was, as usual, mildly dubious about the phone, but chirruped inquiringly into it when he heard the voices from the ear piece. Yay.

The curious boy rides again

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