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March 8, 2002
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9:40 pm: Whew.

We have our old Jet back. In the parlance of Joan and John, "He's just *full* of it today."

And Jet was. He's laughing, playing, getting into everything, biting toes, biting noses, wrestling, chortling, playing peekaboo around chairs, and eating prodigious amounts. He had a jar at every meal, but for dinner, where he had a jar and a half plus a handful of goldfish. He ate kettle corn, ate bagel in the morning, and drank two bottles today of four ounces a shot. That in addition to whatever little I could provide.

John was great, too. He got up at 5:30 when I finally gave up trying to get Jet back to sleep. He put Jet back to sleep then and then just stayed up and worked. Jet didn't get up until 8!! I got up at 8:30, still exhausted. But we got Jet to Joan's on time and then John and I went to Swanky Frank Jr's and had breakfast. We wanted to try their pancakes. They had the huge, thick, fluffy kind that I am okay with but don't love as much as the thinner, chewier kind. But they were big, and they gave me good, crisp bacon alongside and over medium eggs. I had orange juice and decaf and felt a bit more human afterwards.

A bit. I was still tired and mildly dizzy. We worked and I went and picked Jet up at 11, and took him home and I thought he'd fallen asleep while eating, but when we were done, he woke up crying for more. So John took over, and gave him a jar full of apples and bananas and he ate it all. Then John took Jet off to Safeway to get groceries and I got shooed off to bed.

I slept. Deeply. For two hours. The first hour was good and quiet, the second hour was filled with Jet's happy sound. That was quite different from last night, when I woke up four different times while dreaming that Jet had woken up crying. I'd dream that, I'd wake up, and listen ad wait and hear nothing and go back to sleep. Over and over for about four hours. Ugh.

The two hour nap really helped. Then I got up, fed Jet, and he was still hungry, so I gave him a bottle, and he settled for that cheerfully enough before I got to go to CeLena's. It had been snowing all day, dry, tiny flakes and it was piling up in dry drifts over ice, as, earlier in the day it was warm enough to just rain, and that froze when the cold front came in. So I trudged in bare feet in sandals over snow to get to CeLena's practice. She gave me a great massage.

I needed it so badly after missing it Monday. I'm not in too bad a shape, but the shoulders and hips, as usual, were a bit out of it. I should probably do more stretching on a regular basis, it would probably help all this out a bit more. Still, having her do maintenance on my body really is nice, and it really gave me a far more relaxed view of the world.

John's been great all day and done a whole lot to help with Jet. Jet's been wonderful, too, and was just happy and playful and *hungry* all day, which has been such a relief. Both of them are now entirely back to normal in terms of elimination systems, which is such a relief. I'm very, very glad they're okay, now. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop on me, and for me to get the bug, but I'll enjoy the fact that they're well.

It was just really fun this evening, feeding a laughing, playing Jet while John made dinner. He bought dinner at the Safeway and made it and I was very grateful to be able to just sit and eat. We traded off some time and I got to take a long, luxurious bubble bath by candle light to help all the soreness that CeLena had chased out to get out completely. I needed that.

Jet went to sleep early. That's one good thing about him not sleeping all day, is that he does sleep at night, it seems. So I'm actually getting to catch up on my journal and John's catching up on work. Yay!

Life may actually get back to normal for a bit. Yay!

Speaking of getting back to normal. One thing I did notice these last few days is that the teeth that were hurting so badly for the last several months have settled down some more. They do ache with big temperature changes and a lot of chewing, but not nearly as much as they used to. I don't think I'm going to have to go into the dentist and demand a new crown anymore. That's another thing to be thankful for.

We also got a really cool Thank You note from Kathy for a few things we sent her this last week and for our visit last month. That was really nice, and I was glad that she did that. It was good to know that we were helpful with something.

I should go to sleep. I should drink lots of liquids, and I should take care of myself. I'm still not as good at that as I should be, and I have had fresh evidence in the last few months that I'm getting better at spotting where and when I should have boundaries in place, but still not as good at putting them there and sticking to them. I still put others in front of me, and that, alone, may not be too bad a thing, it's only when I get hurt or the cost is so high that I get wiped out later that I really need to watch it before it whacks me over the head.

I'm aware, at least. So I can work on it. I guess that's all anyone can hope for

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