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March 10, 2002
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Thoughtful Day

10:37 pm: We got to church this morning, did the 9 am class, which was very cool in that it was a very clear and concise overview of why the UCC is the denomination it is and I was surprised and pleased to find that the things that do make it unique are the reasons why I could, at first, tolerate this denomination and why I do feel more at home with them than with any other denomination.

The first of which is the interpretation of evangelical as being able to proclaim the good news; but not forcing or coercing anyone to it. The second being that they have no central authority other than God, himself, it's purely a covenant between the various congregations. Each congregation gets to choose what they do or don't do of what's recommended by the congress. And each person has their own relationship with God. Period.

Lots of stuff that made me realize I'm not really as radically 'out there' as I sometimes think I am.

Jet actually went with the lady that does nursery care for the class. We saw her walking around with him riding on her hip. He seemed interested in whatever she was doing, and perfectly content to be held by her and content to do whatever it was she was doing. When we met up with her later, she said, "He's a wonderfully adjusted little boy! I really am enjoying my time with him." That was cool. We'll have to tell Joan.

We fed him a bottle, as it was quick and tidy, changed his diaper in a two-team maneuver, and then he started reaching for me and crying. So I sat down with him, settled him in my lap, and when a little girl handed him a toy, he stopped crying. When he got intrigued by what the other kids were doing, I snuck out. All in about two minute's time. I'm still amazed by how quickly his moods change; and I think we do well to work with them.

Service was good. Jet was fine for it. I heard him, at one point, doing his really excited yell. Turns out they were playing Duck, Duck, Goose and he got very excited by all the running about. That made me laugh.

During coffee hour, everyone talked to Jet and tried to play with him. So I got to just be quiet and hold him and let him do that. That was nice. I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the socializing that was going on, and I just let Jet run interference for me, and he did great. He also fell dead asleep the moment we pulled out of the church's parking lot. Whew. I'm very glad that the no nap days immediately after he was better are now over.

We stopped at Safeway to get a few things, and then we went home and I tried to nap with really, really full breasts. When Jet woke up, I was up and ready and he got to nurse pretty thoroughly before then getting up and eating nearly a whole jar of solids.

The three of us finished Jet's pictures for his first year. We're going to monthly after this, it'll be easier for us to keep up with them, as busy as we're getting. I also finished off February in my journal, and tucked it neatly away with a summary. Now I have to do March, sometime, and backup the last month.

John made dinner. Enchiladas off the recipe on the can, with turkey from Thanksgiving inside. They were really yummy, and we'll have to do that more often.

After dinner, we watched the 9/11 special on CBS, and it was... heart-wrenching. It was also really tasteful and it was filmed from the heart of two brothers who had made good friends with the firemen of a station that was only blocks from the World Trade Center. They'd originally been there to do a documentary about a brand new fireman going through his nine month probationary period. The film they got from their stay there is extraordinary.

I really enjoyed the special, how it was presented, how it was edited, and the things that the brothers decided to film and what they decided *not* to film was really good.

They experienced things first-hand, and that awareness permeates the result. It's quite the reminder that it's been six months. It really puts life and living and everyday stuff into perspective, and shows something about what is really needed to keep on living, doing and trying after that event by those that were closest to it and so completely affected by it

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