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March 15, 2002
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Running In Circles and On Errands

8:06 pm: Jet's doing circles around the dining table. He's walking as far as he can, falling down and then giggling as he crawls to a place where he can get up again. He's altering between grumpy and happy and active, as usual.

He's had a pretty busy day. He played hard at Joan's, refused to nap until John gave him a bottle and bounced him at 3, and then napped until we had to go to Longmont to claim our cubicles. The doors were only open from 8-5, and while we didn't need badges to get in, the security guys really wanted us to show them our badges. That was kind of grumpy making, but that's okay.

John and I brought Jet with us and Jet got to toddle around while we checked our cubes out, claimed them, and stuck sticky notes where we wanted our systems to be after we'd moved.

After getting it all done, we went to Target to buy Jet some shoes. SureStep is now doing sneakers! So we got him a pair, as he's worn through his fuzzy bear feet at the toes. They're getting to be a little too small for him, and his toe nails are often very sharp. So his toes are going right through the cloth and rubber. He really enjoyed them while they lasted, which is very good.

He peered mildly at the new shoes when I put them on him, and when I stood him up, he made jumping motions without actually getting off the ground. He wouldn't walk, however, with the new impediments on his feet. He just grinned and crouched and made jumping motions. It might take a while for him to get used to these. We'll see, they're a lot heavier than his bear slippers. They should be good for protecting his feet when he goes outside, and they have really flat bottoms, which may or may not make walking easier with the inside food support. We'll see.

Jet was a real toddler at the restaurant, and since we were seated in one of the booths, we had to be careful that he didn't fall under the table. So either John or I had to hold him most of the time, and, unfortunately, Jet wasn't terribly hungry, compared to how curious he was about all the new things to play with at the restaurant. He had chopsticks, glasses with ice, and a couple pieces of sushi to smash. He actually ate some of the unagi, but he didn't like the tamago as much as I thought he might.

Ah well. We did get to eat sushi, and Jet was actually pretty quiet until the last ten minutes, after the check had already been dropped off, so we were okay, all in all. Jet was just getting tired and crabby with tiredness. He didn't last until his usual time, and he fell pretty deeply asleep after getting changed, his nose cleaned out, and nursed. Last night, I think his nose woke him up all three times because after we cleaned it out at 3, he slept fine until 7.

Work is getting kind of depressing, with a huge deadline on Tuesday. I will probably work the weekend to figure out what I can do about it, and then take a day or two off afterwards. We have a day we're taking off in April, anyway, so this last push shouldn't be too bad, and I'll make it up not too much later. That should be good

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