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March 17, 2002
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Dull Girl

I worked for nearly all of yesterday. John did, too. Jet slept a lot, and played some, but that was pretty much it to the day.

I have a big deadline on Tuesday, where I need to get a bunch of review materials done for a review on Thursday. It's a system review, not just code, and it's just been very interesting trying to get a representation that can be comprehended out. I've just had a really tough time trying to get what is a five dimensional matrix into a form that can go on paper and still be read and understood.

I actually got a good representation of the first three onto paper using a script that had to be updated. It's the last part that really confuses me.

Since we'd done the groceries on Thursday we were pretty much set for food. Today was laundry day, going to church day, and we pretty much lazed about in the afternoon. Except when Jet was sleeping and I could do some work stuff and some journal catch-up.

Church was fun and interesting and Jet did great for a really busy day. He actually rode the hip of the lady that was taking care of the nursery for the early class stuff and didn't make a peep. He met a lot of church people, and they got to know him pretty well. I think it's like Fezzik, who got to know a whole lot of people, and, eventually, they'd figure out that we belonged to him.

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