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March 20, 2002
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Jet At The Museum

Jet had a super busy day today. For the entire morning he went with Alex and Joan to see dinosaurs. He also went with Alex's entire class of pre-school four-year-olds. Joan said that all the boys were falling down all over the place just to make Jet laugh. She also said that everyone remarked on what a quiet, well-behaved baby Jet was. She said that he had a blast, he had fun pointing at all kinds of things, he loved watching the big kids play and he wanted to get into the thick of it when they stopped for lunch.

Jet was also good about asking Joan to be picked up when he felt too overwhelmed. I was glad of that. With me, he's been doing this pattern of going out to play and explore for a while, and then coming back to me to be picked up and held for a little while before going out again. I guess separation anxiety is a good survival trait for cubs, so they can't get into too much trouble before going back to mama.

So Joan kept Jet until 2:30. I really needed to nurse him, badly, when he got back, but I was in the middle of a meeting. Jet didn't go to sleep, with all the activity, and when that was done, I actually did get him down for a nap, but he woke up crying half an hour later. Poor guy. He had a pretty hard day without any real nap.

He had another half hour nap just before I was going to leave for swimming, so we didn't do the plan of taking him to the pool tonight. I thought about it some and thought it was a good thing, as it's kind of nice to have a Mom's night out without kids. As it was Jet only slept another half an hour and John took care of him while I went to get Joan.

We got a spot right out front. A good thing too, as when we came out after the class, the wind had picked up and was just blowing. The day had been so warm and balmy I'd actually put on shorts for the day and it was cold getting back to the car. The class was good, in the deep water, and a real, solid workout. I needed it.

Lunch was with Bob, Cary, Lynn, and Jerry at Dot's. John and I had never gone there for lunch, and it was actually very good. Bob and I split a meat loaf lunch, and it was plenty of food for the two of us. The meatloaf was turkey and oatmeal and had just the right texture to be really yummy, especially with the gravy they poured on it and the unpeeled mashed. I was glad, as I wasn't quite as hungry as usual. On the way in we stopped at Starbuck's and Moe's Broadway Bagel, and I got a dozen warm bagels for the staff meeting. There were a dozen people there, but three people opted out and two people opted to have two! So that worked out beautifully.

So it was a very busy day, even with the review materials done.

Jet was a bit wild last night and had John up for an entire hour while he cried and screamed. So I took Jet this morning, at 7, and since I was so stiff, I did some stretches. While I was stretching Jet, who had been playing with his toys, smiled at me and said, clear as a bell, "Joan!"

I blinked and said, "What?!" and then tried to coax another out of him to be sure of what he said. "Yes, Joan! Say it again! Joan!" He just grinned his smug smile and went back to playing and didn't say another word. I know, though, that he knew what he did. I think.... Joan said that he'd been telling the boys, "No no no no no!" when they tried to put their hands on his stroller, copying Haley, who says that as she pushed people off the things she doesn't want them touching or taking. So Jet has an example to learn that one from. He's been picking up more vocabulary while I wasn't looking.

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