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March 25, 2002
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Turkey Stock and Playing Outside

8:25 pm: John went into work today, so that he could lead a meeting his boss was out of town for. So I had to take Jet by myself today. Also, the turkey carcass needed to be taken care of, but that was easy. Dump it into the stock pot with a halved onion, all the tops off the celery and some half-dead parsley. I've always thought of stock as where all the dead vegetables go.

It was easy to just get it all started, skim it just a little as the turkey was already cooked so there wasn't much scum, and just leave it as I worked.

Jet was cranky this morning after a pretty busy night. He was up between 3 and 4:30, playing or with gas. He was also way cranky all day, and it looks like he's trying to get yet another tooth. He would only nap for half an hour at a time, eventhough he was really cranky-tired. He even slept half an hour at Joan's. He wouldn't sleep when he first came home. He nursed, watched me eat lunch, ate his own lunch and then the two of us went outside to play for a while.

It wasn't exactly warm, but it wasn't frigid out, either. I put a coat on him and I put a coat on me, and I put shoes on and put shoes on him as well, and when I first opened the door, he walked right out onto the patio. Jet walked immediately over to the mesh table and started pulling at the remains of a wind chime that had been broken in one of the winter storms. He played with it for a while, and I picked him up and took him over the snow melt and he immediately headed for the so-called lawn and sat down on it and started pulling at the grass and the dead leaves left from last fall.

He didn't eat any of them, just pulled at them and crunched the leaves in his hands. When he'd gotten a lot of that, I took him over to the driveway and he walked around until he noticed that there were rocks in the cracks between the slabs of the driveway. He immediately sat down and started picking them out of the cracks and piling them together. He then started piling them in my hand. When they were all in my hands, he tipped my hands so that all the rocks fell out and then he did it again.

He really loved playing out there. He loved it so much that he kept doing it even when the wind picked up and he started to shiver, but kept going after the rocks. When I saw that he was shivering, I picked him up and brought him back into the house, which seemed really warm after being outside for that long. We nursed then and Jet went to sleep for half an hour. When he woke up, though, he really wasn't ready to stay awake, so I stayed with him and bounced him until he went back to sleep again, for another half hour.

It's harder to work in half hour increments, but it was doable, and I got a whole extra set of detailing done. That was good.

The turkey stock, in the meantime, was filling the house with the scent. I let it go for four hours after it had gotten to a boil. It tasted a little weak, still; but it did taste good. I couldn't do much with it until after dinner, when John and I got it all strained, pulled a lot of the meat off for soup or a casserole and put the cleared stock back into the stock pot to concentrate.

Dinner was the last of the pork chops, more of the cauliflower and the last of the foccocia I'd baked a few days ago. I'd really wanted something raised and baked, so I'd made foccocia from a "Follow That Food" episode that had to do with grain. It was really yummy, with real minced garlic on top. We also finished off both the spinach salad and the baby greens salad. I used the spinach salad dressing on it and added croutons and crumbs of Stilton. The salad was really yummy that way. So dinner was a creative combination of leftovers.

Jet was a pumpkinhead after dinner. I finally had to nurse him while wandering around the kitchen and directing John with some of the stock techniques. It kept me in touch with what John was doing and it kept Jet awake. I didn't want him falling asleep before time, so that he'd have some chance of sleeping in tomorrow morning. We'll see if that actually works or not

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