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March 26, 2002
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Scolding Boy

It was really nice to have John at home today. I was glad of him, and I think that if I did go into work for the morning on Tuesdays that it could work out really nicely.

I had a lot of work I wanted to do for the review on Thursday, and I got everything done. Jet came home, slept for two hours, and then I took over until about 4. John then took over and I got some more time in.

Jet slept until 6 am, without eating off me from the time he went to sleep. So I fed him then, and John woke up at 7 and took over and I went back to bed for a while. I slept pretty well until I heard Jet come up to the door of our bedroom and start banging on it and chanting, "Bay-BE! Bay-BEE! Bay-BEE!" I guess Jet's vocabulary is growing. He seems to be picking a lot of stuff up from Haley.

He actually had a pretty crabby morning, and continued to be cranky all day. John and I think that it might be that a tooth is coming in as Jet's biting everything. He bit my knee yesterday, while he had me around the legs and I was trying to get his water cup filled, and he was just so frustrated he just bit me. This morning, he did the same thing to Joan while she was trying to take care of something for Haley first.

Both Joan and I went "Ow!!" and expressed our displeasure at being bit, and he hasn't since. Still, it's a measure of his being annoyed by something.

He took another nap, fairly late, and after the second nap he got friendlier. I think dosing him with Tylenol helped with the teeth, and he played happily until nearly 11. Which, of course, tired us out.

I was lying on the floor peering up at the ceiling fan and Jet came up to me and started pointing at me and doing his version of scolding me, "Ne na no nan nah no!" He was laughing the whole time he was doing it, too. Then he flung himself, bodily, on my stomach and giggled a lot while I held him and rolled back and forth with him. It was funny having him shake his finger at me and scold me.

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