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March 24, 2002
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Joining First Congregational

10:08 pm: We did a lot of social stuff early in the day and I was pretty burnt out on it late in the day, but John did a great job of giving me some time to myself.

The Stewarts were great. We arrived at a quarter 'til nine, and we got to meet their nine-month-old daughter Amy. Scott and Wendi haven't been with the church for very long, either, as they were busy and it was only after the birth of their daughter that they thought to join. It was funny to find that they'd actually had a friend check the place out first before even thinking to go. I liked that.

They'd also swapped their jobs around to accommodate their kid. Wendi is a massage therapist who has a personal practice, and she's only recently gotten her hours up again. Scott changed from an office furniture job to a job maintaining sports equipment at a fitness club. He has to go in at 4:30 in the morning!! He does, however, get out at noon, so the cycles of his days are changing, but he gets time with his daughter in the afternoons. He counts that worth it, and understood about John and I both going part-time.

That was really cool. It was neat knowing that they had three dogs, all of whom were great with the baby. Bandit got let into the diningroom with us during breakfast, and he not only cleaned up after Amy but also helped himself to whatever Jet handed him. Jet was fascinated, and when he argued his way out of his chair, he started following Bandit around the room as fast as he could go, on his feet or on all fours. Bandit was kid-savvy, though, and kept out of reach on the most part.

The food was great. She'd made an asparagus quiche with lots of vegetables and cheese and a coffee cake that was a yeast bread with raspberry preserves and strudel on top. It was really yummy, chewy and only mildly sweet.

It was good to just talk with them and learn their stories and tell them ours and, in a neat way, to be known. Wendi had to introduce us to the congregation during the ceremony, and it was cool what she came up with. Jet got to come up with us during the new member stuff, and when the pastors were doing their part of the vows, Jet decided things were quiet enough for him to talk. So he did.

Afterwards, everyone said that he stole the show. Pastor Michael even acknowledged during the ceremony, "Okay, he's already said he will, now the rest of you..."

Pastor Anne had a great message, it was short, but it was nearly all composed of questions and stories. Good questions, too. They reminded me, very clearly, that the reasons I go to church aren't solely for comfort but for challenge, really. There is a fellowship to be had, but like any social organization there's all the friction and possible problems.

We met lots of people afterwards welcoming us to the church. Jet did great. He loved playing there, and went to nearly every grandmother with aplomb and a hug for anyone that liked holding him. He ate a bit during breakfast, drank water and ate cookies during the break after, but was still a bit grumpy after that. So when John had to go to Home Depot, I fed him in the car while he shopped. Jet slept while he ate, but then woke up when we put him in his seat. He stayed away all the way home and all the way until 3!!

I was amazed. He finally did nap then, and woke up after one hour, but wasn't really ready to stay up. John bounced him a little more he went back to sleep for another hour. He was much happier afterwards. He was really happy playing all evening.

He's tackling the sock monkey now. When he sees it he giggles and leaps bodily on it and rubs noses with it thoroughly, hugs as much of it as he can get, and then throws it and does it all again and again.

He picked up the rain stick and started whacking things with it. He especially liked whacking the TV with it, but I managed to dissuade him from doing that. It took a little while.

He also started trying to put his rubber dinosaurs back into the book they came from, after he ripped them all out. When he couldn't put them back in he gave me two of them. I made them bounce up and down and run into each other. Jet immediately got into the bouncing part and started bouncing all the dinosaurs on whatever happened to be pointing down. I was pretty amazed, after the one example.

That was pretty fun.

We watched the Oscars, and in the middle of it our neighbor called to tell us that he'd roasted a turkey and wondered if we wanted the dark meat. His family only eats the breast. It boggles us mildly, but the three of us went over and got the carcass and all the meat on it. It was fun to visit over there for a while. It was snowing on the way over, but it's supposed to be in the 60's later this week! Spring is springing and bouncing all over the place here in Colorado. Roy said that if the kids are out, Jet's welcome to play with them in their playground.

That was cool.

I parted it when we got home, putting all the bones in a pan and all the meat in a container. I'll probably make stock tomorrow from the carcass. It's been a while since I've done that, but it seemed a waste to toss so much, and the gravy Roy had made was salty enough to bring tears to my eyes, so we didn't take that.

It does seem odd to take food from the neighbors that they'd throw away. Waste not want not, I guess. Besides, I *like* the dark meat best, anyway, so it works out pretty well.

11:09 pm: Well, Jet woke up again, so I fed him this time and hopefully that'll last me my usual seven hours, and I'll actually get to sleep for those seven, as I really don't think he was going to wake up this morning, at 4, if I hadn't gone up and woken him up because I was feeling too full to sleep. Hopefully, he'll do like he did last night, up at 10, up at 11, and then sleep until who knows when...

I can hope

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