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March 27, 2002
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Stocking Up and Swimming

Today is the usual busy day, and it was just a gorgeous day, too. Warm, sunny and wonderful. It was already in the mid-50's when we stepped out the door in the morning and in the high 60's by the time we were headed to Safeway and home. We had to stock up on the groceries before George and Isabel arrive tomorrow night, and it was a good time to do it. It was very strange to go shopping without Jet. It was kind of nice, too.

It was so warm John shed his coat and I actually wore shorts to work. By the time we went to pick Jet up, however, the wind had picked up as a front was coming through, and it was blowing really hard. Hard enough that the dirt in the air stung when I got out. So we covered Jet up to keep him safe from the windblown stuff, and got him home easily.

He slept an hour and a half, unexpectedly, as he'd slept forty minutes at Joan's, but it was very useful for my 2 o' clock meeting. I got a lot of stuff to coordinate during the meeting. I'll be busy the next few days. The 1:1 went well, and I have a very interesting programming problem to tackle when I'm done with this last feature coordination. It should be fun to do.

Since Jet had his nap, and he had a really good afternoon, we decided to take him swimming this evening, with Joan and I. I did feel that it was something of an intrusion on our Mom's night out, and Joan said that it would be really fun to have both her kids as well and have all of us at the pool sometime when they came back from their vacation. I agreed. It was a kick just watching Jet with John in the pool while we did our exercises.

Jet was uncertain for the first five or ten minutes, again; but he got into it after that, and was kicking and splashing and talking and he was utterly fascinated by the girl who was cleaning the pool's deck with a hose. He even had John hold him up to see better while she was going at it. He liked playing with the floating divider for the laps lane. He didn't like some of the floating rings, and the baby ring from last time was broken, sadly. We'll have to get the pool another one.

I kept getting distracted while I was doing my exercises by a laugh or a splash or just watching him. Everyone in the class thought he was adorable. Every woman in the pool who wasn't in the class went over to John to visit with Jet for a bit. Joan said that she's amazed at all the people Jet attracts, when she'd had him at the Natural History Museum, she was stopped by a lot of people who wanted to comment on Jet.

Afterwards, we went over and played with Jet for a while. He liked leaning back against my shoulder, looking up at the ceiling, with his little feet floating up near the surface. Occasionally, he'd flip himself forward with his mouth nearly in the water and then frog kick like crazy towards someone. He was very strong about aiming at a particular person or in a particular direction, his little body tense with trying to go That Way. Once There, he'd sit upright and splash away happily, content to be where he was.

I sometimes wonder how much he remembers of being in the water before he was born. Probably not much as it takes a while for him to get comfortable.

Getting him soaped, cleaned, showered, unswimdiapered, dry, and into his clothing was quite an adventure, and I couldn't have done it without Joan. I took him in early to get him in the shower. Both of us were shivering by the time I got the locker open and got our towels and his Baby Magic out. I peeled off his swim diaper, soaped him up, kept myself from dropping him, rinsed him off under the really nice, hot shower and then let him squirm into a new position and did it all over again to make sure I got the chlorine off of him. The stuff does not come off with a rinse. It takes soap, it's so thick.

Joan came in just as I was finishing and she held him while I rinsed myself off and dried myself off. Then I got a dry towel, wrapped it around him and took him over to the locker room area. The water was warm enough that he stopped shivering during the shower and after I dried him off he was just fine. I tucked him into a disposable, and laid him, very carefully on the very narrow locker room bench to do it. He picked up on my caution and he wasn't his usual squirmy, kicking, rolling self the way he is on the floor or on his changing table. He knew something was up and he was very still while I put his diaper on him.

I was very thankful for that. I also tucked him into a sleeper and Joan was dressed by then and held him while I dressed. In fact, they ran off to play with the mirrors and play peekaboo around a corner. Jet seems to have less anxiety when I'm completely out of his sight range. That seems mildly odd to me, but good, as it's a clear way to get him to be happier once we get across the initial sharp cry of anxiety as he leaves me.

We got out in good form and found John playing basketball in the indoor court. There's going to be a new Rec. facility there soon, about twice as big as the old one, with some really gorgeous stuff. That'll be cool. When it's just ten minutes away, it's a really good set of facilities to be able to use.

There's supposed to be a vote in early April on an Erie Commons that may include its own rec. center. That would be pretty nice, along with trails to walk on and a really nice park. I kind of hope that happens, but I won't hold my breath. We don't get to vote on it as we're not within the city limits. That's one thing about voting in Erie, since the city decided that no annexations happen without voter approval, every election has something on it that will affect local life. So people have a real reason to vote. Their votes not only count, they're significant in all these things that will affect them in real ways. That's a sure way to get voter turnout, people feeling like they'll really make a difference. I kind of hope that it will happen, but given that I can't vote on it and I won't be paying for it, I can't really be too forceful about it.

I would just be very grateful for amenities that are closer than a 10 mile drive other than a few small restaurants and one gas station.

Jet was so tired when he got home that he cried most of the way home, and cried while we lotioned him up all over. Then he nursed and fell dead asleep. Twenty minutes later he was yelling to get out of the crib, but then went to sleep in his infant seat quite cozily. John and I were stupid, though, and stayed up until nearly midnight getting work done. Of all things.

I think I'm just feeling more energetic because of the exercise. I'm probably going to have to work harder at it, as I can feel the metabolism boost I initially got from simply doing this every week is starting to die down. I've been thinking of adding stretches every morning, as they felt really good when I was feeling really bad. I should stretch more often anyway because I get so tense and my hips get al stressed by sitting all day. We'll see if I carry it through. I think the only reason I do the swimming so often is because I know Joan is going to be there, too. Next week she won't be, but Isabel and George have said they'd like to go swimming with Jet next week, so I'll have a reason for that, too. Yay

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