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March 28, 2002
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Rostyki Arrive

2:01 pm: Joan was great and took Jet for the whole morning, so I could do work without getting interrupted at all for a full four hours. That was an unexpected and very nice treat. I was thinking of taking the whole afternoon off, but Jet's asleep and I might as well do something.

She took Jet and Haley to Walgreen's to shop this morning and Jet rode in the cart while Haley was walking. She was trying to push the cart, but Jet kept kicking her as he didn't want her to push. She was yelling, he was yelling and Joan had a great time with them both. I really think it's funny and kind of cool that Joan enjoys that kind of outing. I think I'd go nuts. But It was a good morning for Jet, it seems, as Joan said that he was playing, happy, and active all morning. He ate a bit of jelly sandwich, some chips and a whole jar of baby food.

Looks like he still likes baby food. So we'll keep giving it to him.

I cut the middle knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand bringing Jet into the house. He fell asleep at Joan's and I just brought him, asleep, into the house. He didn't sleep at her place at all, until the last five minutes, so I'll probably get two hours of sleep from him and time to do more stuff so I may well take tomorrow off. We'll see how it works, but I have a plethora of overtime hours. The silly cut isn't closing up very nicely, but then it's on the knuckle so that doesn't surprise me too much. I have a knuckle bandage on it and it's keep good, even pressure on things, so I think it'll heal up okay

I got a lot done, so I'm pretty happy. I have nearly all the details of One Last Thing to go in before GUI freeze all set up and folks are doing their parts, too. So it should be all handled well before the week's out and no problem reaching the publication date of Monday morning. I'm glad that I gave folks enough lead time to get it done.

9:33 pm: Jet ended up sleeping for three entire hours, so by the time he actually got up it was too late to go anywhere. I called John and asked him to get the extra groceries we needed in order to make dinner. That worked out really well.

John took Jet, made dinner, and I cleaned up the house a little, and just as the casserole went into the oven, John's mom and dad showed up in their station wagon. Hoorah!

I was feeding Jet at that moment and he'd eaten half a jar of garden vegetables. He was so distracted by the arrival that I just gave up and let him play with his grandparents. I went upstairs and worked for a while until the casserole was done and then came down for dinner, as everyone was getting ready and tucked Jet into his seat. He ate happily. He had casserole, a big chunk of bread, and several more spoonfuls of his food.

He really wanted to nurse afterwards, but I managed to get a bottle of formula to work for him for a while. He flung it after drinking his two ounces, though, and clung tenaciously until John dumped all the blocks out on the floor. Then he was intrigued enough to kick away from me and start playing.

I was glad of that. While I *do* want Isabel and George to have as much time with Jet as possible, I really should watch my tendency to just abandon Jet completely to them as much as possible. It doesn't hurt to be around. He does get occasional "MUST have Mama." episodes when he knows I'm around, but if there's something sufficiently interesting, he's willing to abandon me for the new experience.

He nursed and went to sleep at the regular time, eventhough he had to sit up a couple of times just to see what the new, interesting noise was. He did manage to go to sleep, though it helped that Isabel and George were tired from their drive and went to sleep the same time Jet did. It is very nice to have a quiet house.

I imagine I'll have at least my two hours tomorrow, if not all four without any interruptions. Jet had such a great time playing with them just in the time while dinner was getting ready that I have no doubt that so long as he's full, not too tired, and clean, he'll be happy to play with them full-blast. That should be good for all concerned.

The Goodells leave for Hawaii on Sunday, so it'll be quite the blessing to have folks to distract Jet during the week. Joan's also taking the first three weeks of June, and my Mom and Dad are going to come and help us out with that, so that's a good thing, too. I am so glad of Joan.

So I get to settle into a house with guests again.

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