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March 16, 2003
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Seeing Jet Again

9:29 pm: I started with a weirdly late morning. Mom and Dad took Jet this morning and let me sleep as late as I wanted to. The odd thing was that I'm still phase shifted by ship time from the cruise. When I finally couldn't sleep any more it was 7:30 am!! It felt like nearly noon and in ship time it was nearly 11:30 am.

Wow. If I keep this, I might be able to actually get up early enough for these 8 am mornings!

John was still asleep when I'd gotten up, showered, and dressed. So I quietly tiptoed out and Mom and Dad were busy getting their breakfast with Jet planted in his seat in front of the TV. I leaned over him to say high, and he used both hands to try and ward me away, wave me off, or push me out of his line of sight as he wanted to watch.

Then his face changed, and he grinned and looked at me, "Hey!" he said, and ran to me, arms open and he just leaped on me and hugged me and wouldn't let go. Wow. I don't think he's ever done that before. I was very impressed and it felt wonderful. It was really neat to be able to hug him as well. Yay! My baby!

We played and played and I had some breakfast and he nursed and went down for his early nap. While Mom and Dad had him, he usually had two naps that amounted to about the same amount of time, overall. But they liked it when he napped twice because he wasn't grumpy in the evening. I could see why that would work better for them, especially if they were out in the morning, doing something and he'd get a short nap for the ride over.

It was cool talking with them after Jet had gone down for his nap. According to them he'd been a happy, reasonable guy. Whenever they'd explained what was going on or why he should wait a bit or do something, he'd wait or do it and be patient about it. They'd had a good week together and they'd all been quite happy.

At night, Jet had never stayed up for any amount of time, he'd always just seen Dad and went back to bed. No fuss, no muss. Even when he'd gotten up three times in one night, they were all quick and easy. So that was really good. All my fears about him running my folks ragged were banished. He did great for them.

There was even a time when Dad was talking with our neighbors to the west and they'd asked Jet, "Do you like living with your grandparents?" and without even looking up from what he was doing he'd said, "Yeah!"

That had made Dad really proud. Hee. I was very glad of that.

After breakfast Jet got up, we fed him a variety of foods. Then John got a phone call. Jenny, at work, needed a bassinet, so we loaded up the car with all kinds of baby stuff and went to their house. Dad and John went out and delivered a whole box of stuff, along with the bassinet and a few toys that we'd thought about. We'd also packed up a mobile to go, but forgot it at home. Jet was very intrigued by it. I don't know if it's from remembering it or if it was just because he didn't remember it and liked how it worked. It was funny, though, seeing so intrigued with a toy that he'd loved as a baby.

Jet's just so not a baby anymore.

From there we decided to go eat pho for lunch, at the place along I-36. They were on their game today, and they had great, hot soup, toothy noodles, and Jet ate a ton. Mom and Dad were really glad to see that. They enjoyed their bowls as well, and it went really well.

There was a grocery store nearby that John and I hadn't found the last time we were around here. I'd looked it up after the last debacle, so this time we found it and went in. Mom and Dad had a great time chasing Jet around the place while I actually got to look at things, shop a little, and get a few things to feed Jet afterwards. I even found the five spice dried tofu that Mom uses in all her dried tofu dishes. It's a bit more leathery than usual tofu and has a good squeaky bite to it that Jet's liked in the past.

We also hit the Safeway that was just across the street, stocked up on all the things we needed, and then headed home for a good, long nap. I went right to sleep. John and my parents played with Jet for a while before he went to sleep, and then they put Jet in the room with me. I finally had to get up, get John and ask him to take Jet into his own room, as I was coughing so hard from the cold, that I was afraid of waking Jet up. So John obliged. Whew. I guess I'm sick.

Ah well.

Mom and Dad got time away from everyone to go to the Panda Express at the Twin Peaks' Mall. It was cool to have them have some time away from Jet, and we all got to play at home. Jet and I had fun making granola together, with him doing most of the measuring, and all I did was present ingredients. I did all the liquidy, sugar stuff, but then he mixed happily. He kept most of it in the bowl, but since we had the baking pan under the bowl, it worked out okay when he did mix some of it out, too.

We also tackled the mountain of laundry, and Jet had a blast diving into the piles of warm, clean laundry and rolling around in the stuff. That was very cool indeed.

When Mom and Dad got home with food, Jet sat down at the dinner table and he ATE. He ate rice, chicken on the rice, and even some of the other bits from the other dishes that we had. He just chowed on down, and I was very, very impressed, especially compared to how he wasn't eating before the vacation.

It was funny, afterwards, that I was so happy washing the dishes in the sink. It's been a week since I've been able to wash dishes, and it felt surprisingly good to just get down and do them. Mom and Dad had fun giving Jet a bath, and I could hear Jet burbling at them while they washed him. All in all they all seem pretty happy together, so I'm very glad.

We played for a while, and, this time, it was a bit of a struggle for me to go away from Jet, to let M&D put Jet to sleep. But I managed to sneak away, only to find, when I came back, that it was John putting Jet to sleep. Jet didn't want to let go of us, again, I guess. But he did get to sleep, finally.

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