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March 17, 2003
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Rainy Day

A rainy, rainy day. It's been cloudy and overcast or downright raining all day. It's a prelude to something like feet of snow down here on the foothills and western plains for the next few days. Quite the weather change from the last week.

I was up early to nurse Jet, but then went back to sleep until 7:30. Jet had had a pretty bumpy morning, getting up constantly after 3:30. Finally, at 5, I nursed him, and when we were done with that and Jet wanted more milk, John was up, dressed, and couldn't get back to sleep anyway. So he took over, and I got to go back to sleep. John left at 8. I had a little breakfast, using some of the granola I made yesterday evening. It was good stuff, with just a bit of milk and a whole banana. I needed the fruit and fiber after all of last week. Jet played with me, and climbed into my lap and stole bits of fruit from my bowl.

He didn't want me to disappear, and kept hauling me over to play with something. Finally, he turned his back to do something and I went upstairs to work. I heard him cry for about a minute before he giggled at something Mom or Dad did, and then they were quiet while I worked for an hour and a half. I'm glad that they got the morning with him since last evening hadn't turned out so well.

At 10, I went down, and we packed everything up to go to the airport. Jet took a while to get into all his gear and then into his seat, and by the time we pulled out of the garage it was 10:15. Jet was fast asleep by 10:18. He even tried to wake up, but could only roll the whites of his eyes at us. Given that he'd been up so much of the morning, it made sense. But it did mean that I simply dropped Mom and Dad off instead of parking and seeing them off. I did get to hug them and say thanks and a good-bye.

It was nice driving in the rain. I haven't done it for so long, and everything was clean and wet. I loved the scent of the air, and the fact that long-dusty windshields were getting cleaned off.

Jet woke up the minute I pulled into the garage. He stretched, and looked around and muttered mildly to himself. Given that he'd gone to sleep only a few hundred yards from this place, I could see why. We got out. He walked around out in the yard for a bit, with me following. Gradually, I worked him back in towards the house, and we went in where it was dry and warm. Mmm...

I got the waffle iron out, made myself a big ham and cheese sandwich and since Jet had always peeled the ham out of his ham and cheese sandwiches, I made him half a waffled cheese sandwich. We just make the sandwich and shove 'em into a waffle iron. No butter or oil. It's a bit like a panini when it's squashed and done. Cheese oozed out of all the sides of my sandwich, but I hadn't quite put enough cheese in Jet's. So when they came out, he naturally grabbed the quarter of my sandwich that had the most toasted cheese.

He ended up eating half my sandwich, never mind the ham. He then drank half a cup of cream of tomato soup as well. I was so impressed. I had gotten the soup for myself, but he kept asking for more and then more of it. He drank a lot of it, just warm, and loved it. I was glad. Yay for tomato soup!

He was chipper when he was full, and started playing in the sink when I washed his hands after lunch. He didn't want to get taken down, so he started playing with everything. Oops. I finally had to pry him away by making some homemade dough for playing with. 1/2 c flour 1/2 c water 1/4 c salt 3/4 tsp. cream of tarter 1 Tbs. oil all cooked together until it suddenly became this mound of dough. I added food color according to Jet's directions and we came up with lumps of red, green, and blue. We started to play. It leaves a faintly oily sheen on anything it touches, but it has the right texture and seems to keep just fine in an air-tight container. So I think it'll be cool. The only problem is that Jet has an unfortunate tendency to eat the stuff. Ick!

When I finally pried it away from him, he started playing with his usual toys, so I was able to set up a chunk of corned beef in the slow cooker with half a head of garlic, various spices, and plenty of water. And away it went.

John got home right when I was done, at 3:30 pm. And he took over Jet care. I was very grateful. That's when he told me about the tornado watch not too far from us, and the 1-5 feet of snow predictions that were rolling around the airwaves. 1-5 feet! That would be plenty to start some grass, I thought, and he thought the same, so he called the seed company to ask how long they'd be open, and then went, with Jet, to talk with them about what kind of seed we should get and then get some.

They got back right at 5, and John said that we'd have to work now to get it out in the ground before dark, as the snow was supposed to start tonight. Best to do it while it's still light. So I left my computer, put on a few layers, added my rain coat on top, and then did the same for Jet. He got a couple of layers, a big thick coat and rain coat over it all. For once, he left his hoods up, and he left his hand in the warmer pockets of his coat. Smart Jet.

The three of us went out into the rain and started the very unglamorous work of spreading seed and raking it into the earth. The lawn feeder spreader doesn't work for grass seed, and the wind was so high it probably wouldn't have worked anyway even if it could have broadcast seed. We had to get way down and spread it close to the ground and let the wind take what it would, but most of it stayed where we tried to put it. John kept putting the stuff in the defunct spreader, and I finally asked him to just get a bucket and put the seed in that. Then I made pretty good progress, though my back was killing me from bending to keep the seed close to the ground.

The whole yard's been denuded of grass by the equipment the landscapers brought in last summer. It's so bare it's really sad. We concentrated on the areas at the front of the house, by the new path, and got all of that well spread and raked in.

After a good hour of this, Jet started to wander off, as he was bored. John got cold enough that he decided to take Jet in with him. There was only a little seed left, so I took it and spread it all over the bare areas of the rest of our yard. I raked some of it in, but was so sore from the rest of the work that it was just really hard to do. Plus my sweat pants were soaked and muddy, and my raincoat was just running with water.

I washed up my tools as best I could, spread the rinsed off seed on some other bare areas, and then took off my rinsed off boots, my coat, and my socks outside the door, and then went inside. I washed my hands, cut up half a head of cabbage and half a dozen potatoes and stuffed them into the pot with the corned beef before going and peeling off all the cold wet stuff and getting on dry, warm stuff. We got the fire going, and all warmed up nicely. Mmm... toasty. John had made popcorn for Jet and himself, and I got a bit of it.

The potatoes and cabbage were all well cooked by 6:30. I toasted Jet some toast, put some of the dried meat stuff Mom and Dad had bought him on top of a bit of butter, and then cut it into triangles for him. I added a potato piece and cabbage piece on the side. He beamed when he saw the toast and pronounced it, "Pizza!" and dug in happily. He ate the whole thing, and nibbled on the chunk of potato. He refused the corned beef entirely. I wonder if I shouldn't have put pepperoni down, too.

He happily ate ice cream, afterwards, getting alternate bites from John and I, so that he ended up probably eating more ice cream than either of us. Afterwards, he kept asking for "Cream! Cream!"

He even asked for it when he'd finished asking for John and I to draw him choo-choos. So I drew him a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of soup, and he filled the bowls with colors. That was pretty cool.

He's getting better about asking for things by their real names. He's getting good at doing colors, and he asked me to draw him numbers. He'd name the numbers and watch me write them down for him, so that they faced him. He really liked that, and kept asking for 1's, 2's, and nine! I was surprised by the nine, but he seems to like it a lot. Then he asked for a six, a four, and a twelve! Meep!

I went back to work for a bit at 8:30, as I hadn't done much during the day. When I came down, Jet was bright eyed, but in his pj's, wrapped in his Cookie Monster blanket, and refusing to get picked up. I sent John to bed so that he'd get plenty of sleep. I don't want him sick, too. I think that half the reason he gets sick every time I do or Jet does is that he spares me all the time, and takes all the early morning stuff AND the late night stuff and I felt pretty good. So I sent him to bed, and sat with Jet and we watched about ten minutes of news before he went right to sleep there on the couch. He'd only had the one nap, so it was appropriate.

I took him upstairs, watched the extended coverage on the weather, and then went to sleep myself.

For all that it's been wet all day, I couldn't get to sleep without the sound of the fan of the humidifier. And with my somewhat raw throat, the extra moisture helped anyway. I needed that.

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