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March 21, 2003
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Face-to-face, Playing, and Shopping

10:21 pm: John and Jet actually got me apple fritters this morning! Woohoo! They actually had time to get out this morning and get donuts while I slept. Joan also said that she'd take Jet until 1, for John, which was cool, as I really wanted to go in today, since I'd been snowed out of work all week. I kind of needed the adult interaction.

I worked a good deal of the morning, and then went in for three hours from noon on. I needed to be face-to-face with our marketing folks to see their presentations for our field engineers. Feedback is best in person. I was glad to be able to do it. I then had my 1:1 with video with my boss. That was nice. Then I got to talk with Fei about the most recent fires. That was useful. So when I finally got home, I was tired and willing to stop working completely in order to play with Jet while John debugged a problem.

Jet and I had a blast, just wrestling, racing cars, watching TV, playing in his tent, and drawing. But I didn't really come up for air or to make dinner, so we decided to go to Casa Alvarez.

He didn't fall asleep on the way over, and he ate a huge amount of rice *and* beans off his plate. That impressed me. I ate his chicken taco, though, as the chicken had been cooked a bit tough for him to chew. He'd taken a mouthful, chewed it thoughtfully, and then spit it back out. Oops.

I had a couple of fish tacos that were quite good. John had flautas, which is about as close to Taco Time crisp burritos as we can get out here where there's authentic food. I should put 'crisp burritos' on my list of things I have to eat when I'm back in Seattle.

From there we went to Wal-Mart, as I knew that they carried Lion Brand yarns. I didn't, however, know which kinds of yarn they carried. I was looking for the worsted weight Wool-Ese. I liked the sport weight stuff for socks, but wanted some of the worsted weight for hats. So we went into the store and Jet started running. So long as we kept redirecting him down appropriate aisles, he would just keep barreling down. The moment we stopped, though, he started getting into the displays.

John was great at watching him while I studied the yarn wall. Turns out that they only had the chunky stuff, either the USA chunky or the Homespun stuff that I'd made the shawl out of. I wasn't quite done with my present projects, so I didn't want to buy any more of that. Besides, the prices were higher than that of the Hobby Lobby, so it didn't make any sense to me. I want to get some of the Homespun in autumn colors to make Autumn a baby blanket that fits her. That would be fun, as Jet seems to love the shawl so much.

We managed to go all around the store once to find that we didn't want any of the yarn. We did find Jet a pair of sunglasses. So we bought those, then discovered that he was soaking wet, so we ran all the way back to the back of the store to get him changed, and then he ran all the way to the front again when we were done with that.

Jet had lots of admirers as he ran. "Look at how fast he's going!" Lots of smiles and a few waves. He even waved back a couple of times without losing his stride. That was cool. I was even more impressed when he made it home awake. I sat with him and we sang and talked, and he pointed out stuff, and asked for the light to be on. So that was cool.

But when we did get home, he was very easy to change, feed milk, and put to sleep. He was very happy and very, very tired. Whew.

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