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March 22, 2003
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Longmont Home Show

9:38 pm: A very short day today, and I really needed it to be that way.

Jet had a great night, he didn't get up until 6, no interruptions at all. I guess Dad's right, and he's getting better at this sleeping all night thing. I'm very glad of that.

I got up with him at 6:15, and nursed him and then we went into the livingroom and played and watched cartoons. John got up around 7:30 and told me to go back to sleep so I did. Until nearly 10.

I got up, made myself some French toast, and shared with Jet. He ate a half a slice of toast, with yogurt. This after eating a bowl full of cereal and milk with John. So he's still eating a lot more than he used to eat. That was cool.

He and John had already gone out to make a copy of and then mail off the extended warrantee on the Eurovan. The original owner had bought it, and it transfers with the title. So we didn't have to pay any extra for it. They just were happy to get all the paperwork done and sent to us and finish with the obligations with the van. We were very happy to get it. It extends the warrantee another year, to five. So we're pretty much set for a while with the van.

By the time I was done with breakfast, and had watched a bunch of Loonytoon cartoons with Jet, he was ready for his nap. So I nursed him and he went to sleep at noon and had a good two hour nap while John and I did stuff around the house. He did stuff out in the garage. We bought tickets for Kathryn's wedding. I watered and fed the plants, knitted a little on the last of my prayer shawl, and did a few things that normally don't do while Jet's up and wants to play with everything that I'm playing with.

He especially likes wrapping the partially made shawl around him like a blanket and snuggling with it. The Lion's Brand Homespun is very, very soft, so I can see why he likes doing that. It's very warm and cuddly, but while it was partially done, the stitches tend to come off the needles, and I really worry a lot about him poking himself with a needle or something. So I was hurrying it along, as I really want to get it done.

At 2 he woke up. We fed him some mini corn dogs, and he ate four of those, which is a lot to start. Then he ate nearly an entire apple. John peeled it and sliced it for him, and Jet just powered through the slices. He really liked them. He even asked for more after finishing the first half of the first apple. So John cut him another. He got part of the way through it and kept eating at it as we headed towards the Boulder County Home and Garden Show.

It's a tired little show. It charges $5.50 per adult, nothing for kids, and it might have been worth it if we were thinking of remodeling our house or redoing the yard again. As it was it was kind of disappointing in some ways. Jet loved it. People kept giving him stuff. A key chain with a tape measure on it, candy, pens and pencils, balloons, and lots of people talked to him. He really liked that. He walked through the whole things patiently, running to see a few things, but, on the most part sticking with us pretty well. Or we stuck to him, depending on what he was interested in.

At one point he suddenly darted to the interior of a booth, behind the counter. He hung around in there, looking shy when a lady said, "Hello!" but he wouldn't leave, eventhough I was calling him. The I realized that he was looking, repeatedly, at a plate of Girl Scout cookies in the booth. The lady offered him one, and he snatched it up hastily and then came right over to me, smiling. Happy boy. He ate through it pretty quickly.

There was a toy area, filled with Discovery Toys, and he went there and played happily with the toys that were for kids three to five years older than him. All the women in the area were very charmed by him, and several with new grandchildren were very startled at how coordinated and interested he was in such complex toys. They admired his fine motor control, his smile, and his intent attention with the toys he wanted to see. That was pretty interesting. Most folks also said that their two-year-olds were monsters compared to him. He was quiet, well-behaved on the most part, and willing to negotiate when we told him that we were going to be leaving soon.

I am glad of that.

There was a tiny food area outside with just one funnel cake, French fry, and soft drink cart, a fudge cart, and a cart selling BBQ. There were also outdoor siding, outdoor windows, and grill sellers out there. The fudge was made in Colorado, so I stopped there and there was a little old man handing out samples. I took a sample of the chocolate. Jet refused the piece that I offered him. It was weird looking, I guess. John got a piece, too, and offered him a bit of it and that one he nearly refused, but then thought better of it and ate it. His face lit up.

So I bought a quarter pound block of it, and tucked it into my shopping bag. I was going to find a knife at the BBQ shop to cut Jet a piece. But as we were walking away, Jet's face crumpled. He wanted more. He held his hand out, and looked at me, and then I saw him heading back to the booth. The old man in the booth had seen Jet's face, and cut him another sample piece! I was glad he had. However, he couldn't reach far enough down the other side of the counter to reach Jet, so I took the piece from him and gave it to Jet. I said, "Thank you!" to the guy, and Jet said, "Welcome." back.

I think Jet really does believe that the word "Welcome." means "Thank you." He was saying it to everyone today, and he was being quite sincere about it.

So he got his piece and he was very, very happy. We then went to the BBQ place, and John and I shared a pulled pork sandwich with a side of beans. Again, it was a local joint, and the food was great. The meat and the beans were smoky, sweet, and good tasting. Jet ate some of the beans, chewed on one piece of the sandwich, but that was about it. He drank some of the water from our water bottle, and ate a roll of Smarties a lady handed to him.

That was enough to tide him over to getting back to the car. When he finished them he asked for more. Both John and I said, "All done." and he repeated it and sounded just a little sad, not frustrated. He then started singing with us as we sang, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" And was cheerful enough getting home.

I think that the walk tired him out though. And since he'd eaten so much junk while there, he wasn't hungry for dinner at all. I just mixed the dishes from the other night with some clear bean thread, sauteed cabbage, and some chopped green onion. It made for good enough mu shu, especially with freshly cooked flour tortillas from Costco. The tortillas were wonderfully soft, especially since I put the cooked ones in a container where they could steam a bit before we ate them.

Jet refused to do anything but tear his apart. Ah well. We ate ours, and watched a little TV for a while. John might be coming down with my cold, or with something. So he went to sleep. Jet and I played for a while, and he got so tired he was lying down everywhere, pulling blankets over himself at 8! So he and I went up to take a bath instead of fighting over my almost finished shawl.

He fought it for a while. He really wanted to play video games. I just turned on the monitor, and showed him the light that it was on. When it didn't do anything, he became convinced that it wouldn't and finally allowed himself to be led to the water. Once in he had a blast. I was glad. He seemed so cranky before hand that I treated him very carefully. He took to it, and had a blast with the bath, the rinsing, the drying, and with getting lotioned and dressed.

He told me a whole story while he was getting lotioned. I held him carefully and listened, eventhough I couldn't understand any of it. He just needed to say stuff, and I listened. That was good enough for him, and we headed downstairs where I got him his warmed milk. He sucked it down. I then had a mild battle trying to brush his teeth until I took him into the bathroom, put him in front of the mirror and had him do it himself. He smiled at that and did as best as he could. He wouldn't let me touch it, though.

It had to be good enough for me.

I set the Boppy on the floor in the livingroom, put him in it, and tucked the shawl around him. I lay down beside him and he went right to sleep. I let him sleep there for fifteen minutes to be sure he was good and gone before taking him upstairs.

I've now had time to drink a bit of herbal tea, write, and finish the last of the binding off of the shawl. Now Jet can play with it to his heart's content. It's a prayer shawl, and has prayers about Liam, about the war, about the snow, and about him in it. Maybe it makes it cuddlier. It certainly has calmed me down, and gotten me to grit my teeth less. It has, however, gotten my arms and fingers a bit sore as it's so heavy.

I'll probably be doing a hat and socks for soldiers or sailors, next. It's been mildly irresistible to heed a call for socks after reading, "No Idle Hands" and all the stories of troops asking for handknit socks.

I need more liquids inside of me. I'll go to bed, then, as I'm coughing mildly, again. Good night

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