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March 26, 2003
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Raining Again, Foomy!, and SpongeBob

10:20 pm: I thought Jet would never go to sleep. He had an interesting evening, tonight, and got his teeth brushed twice, but still drank some stuff right before going to sleep. I should really watch John's ritual with brushing Jet's teeth so I don't disrupt things even more than they are, I guess.

It's raining outside. It should turn to snow by morning. I'm glad that I don't have to go into work tomorrow, though I'll probably get Jet from Joan's.

Work was okay. Everyone on my side of the building bailed out of lunch, though, so John and Lynn had to come back to work, with food, to eat with me in the cafeteria. Not only did I not have a ride there, but Lynn wouldn't have had another ride back here, so it worked out better that we ate there.

It was funny to talk with Lynn about the cruise and to go through all the details of what we liked and what we didn't like. It's more obvious the more we think about it that cruising just really isn't for us. Though there are several nice features, like being able to unpack just once, having all the amenities in walking distance, and being able to have portions as small as I want them from the buffet. Hee. Getting to taste a tiny bit of a lot of things is my ideal way to eat.

It's odd realizing the portions, now that I'm home, seem arbitrarily big, especially when I'm buying, say, ribs from the BBQ joint, and they accidentally give me a whole slab instead of half a slab. So I eat the whole thing instead of, like on the ship, where I could just leave the part I didn't want to eat because I wasn't paying more for it anyway.

Work, itself, was more satisfying with a plan of attack. There were a few setbacks, but that was par for the course, and it wasn't severe. I have one huge thing that I wanted done today and I got it done. The other nastier thing will have to wait until tomorrow, with input from today's. Then there's the many-headed hydra that I have to appropriate and then hack up. Tomorrow and Friday I have only one meeting between the two days. So I should be able to get *something* done.

We went home, found that Jet had slept for two hours at Joan's and was up and ready to go when we got him home. That was okay, though, as John took him from 2-3 and I took him from 3-4, as we each had meetings. From 3-4, Jet and I went into the basement and I got to ride the exercise bike as Jet explored his two boxes of toys, my loom, and he really got into Sponge Bob Squarepants. I'm not at all sure why Jet likes him, but he does, and he's fairly harmless as a sponge that is a decent fry cook. So we watched that while I went through the ascent difficulty program on the bike.

Yeah. I have a cold. But it's the tail end of it where I'm just trying to get all the yuck out of my lungs. With the extra breathing, I got more stuff up, and I feel a lot better, now. That's been a very good thing.

When we were done with that, the three of us piled into the Eurovan, and headed back into Boulder to pick up the Passat. It was fixed. Yay! For a bit more than they'd originally estimated, as it had taken them longer than they though to take apart the steering wheel. John had already known that it was going to be nasty, so he took the diagnostic in stride, and we paid the bit more and I got to drive the beastie away. The best thing of all was that they'd also detailed her! So she was all shiny, inside and out! Just in time for the snow tomorrow.

At least the dash is clean enough that I can probably use the Armor All on it this weekend. I've been wanting to for a while, with the sun out here eating everything alive. So that was very cool.

Home again home again, and I beat John and Jet by a bare three minutes. Jet was very much awake. I then made fast dinner. Pan-seared pork chops (finish the last of the freezer chops), leftover cornbread, organic whole wheat mac and white cheddar cheese, and nuked peas. Jet ate enormous amounts of cornbread, crumbling a great deal of it, but eating more. He ate one pea, four mac shells hidden amid the crumbs, and drank the last of his lunch smoothie.

While John had him, he'd asked for "Moomie! Moomie!" and had pointed at the pantry. John picked him up, expecting him to reach towards the chips or potato sticks or Pop-tarts or something. Instead, Jet opened the cabinet to the blender, and he eagerly nodded when John pulled it down. "Moomie!" turned out to be "Smoothie!" A banana, frozen strawberries, yogurt, and juice later, and Jet's a happy camper. He drank a whole cup of the stuff, and then had some with his dinner as well, so he's had his fruits and some protein for the day.

I was glad of that, at least. The one saving grace for dinner. Jet also had milk, ice cream, and then watered down juice and then more milk after dinner, so he kind of made up for a nonexistent breakfast. He's had a lot of gas today and last night, so I wonder if his digestive system really doesn't want too many solids today and he's just avoiding it or something. There have been times that he's done that. We'll see how he feels tomorrow or the next couple of days.

I'm relatively better. Still not 100%, so I don't think I'm going to the Rec. Center tomorrow, either. It also depends on how John's feeling tomorrow. With all the snow and rain and water, everything is throwing pollen in the air, and every morning feels a bit uggy. My eyes feel mildly swollen, and I think that a lot of the sneezing I've been doing has been related to allergies. The great good part of all that is that it's actually moving whatever's in my lungs out quite well. So I think I actually feel better because of all that.

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