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March 25, 2003
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Jumping In

9:19 pm: Jet got John completely soaked, today. It was an accident during his swimming lesson. Jet was reaching forward, into the pool for a bit of water to splash Alex with, and he fell into the pool. The instructor was about as far out as she could be, and the lifeguard was looking in a completely different direction.

Alex tried to pull Jet up with his foot, John went over and tried to fish Jet out of the water, when it was obvious he couldn't reach him, John jumped in and pulled Jet up and out. The lifeguard was only a bit after John.

Jet didn't even sputter when he came back up and out. He'd held his breath the whole time. When John and I grinned at him, he grinned back, and settled back into his spot on the edge of the pool as John got out and wrung out his coat and shirt.

Jet didn't cry or anything, but he did sit very, very still on the side of the pool. He knew that he'd done something, beforehand that had put him into the pool, and it made him, for a few minutes at least, very careful about doing the same thing. When the instructor came around to him again, and asked him if he wanted his turn he nodded cheerfully and went with her.

Joan said that Haley would be having hysterics at this point. Alex called Jet very brave. Bev said that Jet probably just expected someone to get him, which may well be the truth, though he was fighting, pretty hard, to get back to the surface. He wasn't making it, either.

Scared the heck out of me. But I suppressed panic to the best of my abilities. Things worked out just fine, and if John hadn't jumped in the lifeguard would have been in plenty of time. I praised John a lot, and if he hadn't been in front of me, I know that I'd probably have done the same thing, lifeguard or not. Clothing will dry out.

So the boys got to shower together when they got home, and they both got warmed up and sang in the steam. I did drying and lotioning duty for Jet, and dressed him and we were off again.

The faulty ignition switch that Dad had found while he was here has finally give up the ghost. So we had to take it into the dealer to get it fixed, as it involves taking apart the whole steering column and while John could, time alone with which to concentrate on such a task is more precious than money. So we were taking it in to let them do the work. Jet and I went in the Eurovan, and John managed to start the Passat.

This morning, when I went to work, I had absolutely no luck getting the damned switch to work on the way home. I finally got the ignition all set to on, got out of the car and pushed it down the hill I'd parked it on and popped the clutch to start it, clean and neat. I was impressed that it worked even on a diesel engine. I was glad that it worked. I'd done it so many times with old Ivan the Terrible it seems funny to have it work on a modern car, too.

I'm so glad that the Passat is a stick shift. I'd have been up a creek with the Eurovan.

After dropping it off to get worked on tomorrow, we went to China Gourmet, and had a seafood Chinese dinner with ginger shrimp and fish pieces in a rather spicy hot sauce. It was quite good, especially with the pan fried scallion pancakes to start. Jet loved those, and ate three corner pieces before digging into his brown rice with shrimp sauce on it.

He liked that. He also drank half a glass of milk, and nibbled a sugarsnap pea pod. Crisp and sweet, he liked it.

He did finish before I did, and demanded that he was, "All done!" so we brushed him off and he ran around the restaurant a couple of times with John. Since we'd paid when ordering, the moment I was done we were able to go to the grocery store next door.

We were getting low on Jet's milk and it's always fun to frequent a neighborhood grocery store instead of the big chains. And since we were there, we went in. I didn't think we needed a cart or a basket, but Jet found a small, plastic cart that was exactly his size. They had four of them lined up. Jet immediately took one and started trundling down the aisles with it.

The first stop was the milk display at the far end of the store. Jet hauled away at a gallon jug, while I picked up a half gallon carton. When he saw me put it in the cart, he stopped hauling on his jug and happily wheeled on. He went along the whole back, up the freezer side, and lost me as I started looking at the cookies along the freezer side. The Newman take on Oreos has no saturated fats and no transfatty acids. I like how they taste, too, so I put a package of those in Jet's cart when I found them stopped at the front of the store at a fruit leather display.

Or so I thought. There were also tubes of honey sticks, and when Jet identified what they were, he wrestled one of the tubes into his cart. He was shopping, too. Arcangel gave me a package of honey sticks a long time ago, and Jet found them in my drawer at one point. He loves eating them. I was very impressed that he remembered what they look like and that he really liked them. So he may well get more honey in his diet in the near future.

We went around again. This time I found not only the Thai rice noodle soup packages (with no MSG) that I'd seen in Santa Cruz with Brad, but also a package of the type of seaweed that's used for dashi, the Japanese soup with ground, dried bonito shavings. I'd just run out of the stuff, and the packaging was kind enough to point out that this was the variety used for that. I need it for making my tonkatsudon, with the egg custard on the pork cutlets. I was glad to find it. The MSG-less soup would probably be a good alternative, for Jet, from the run of the mill ramen. It would also probably be good for me, too.

Again there was the stop at the milk display, and the wrestle with the gallon jug until John pointed out the carton in the cart. Jet then picked up and hauled until we were back at the freezers. This time he stopped at the ice cream with a, "What's that?" We said that it was ice cream, but that we weren't going to get any. He accepted the decision gravely, and when we got near the checkout counters, we guided him into one of the slots. Jet even got stuff out of his cart onto the conveyor belt! I was pretty impressed by that.

He's understanding more and more each day and more capable each day. It's very impressive.

I, on the other hand, feel gradually less and less capable with every month. It's kind of hard, lately, given that my secondary project was put on a back burner for so long and now folks are really in need of it, and I still have a few elements to finish on my primary project. It's going to get very interesting very quickly.

Ah well.

Looks like we might be a little lucky tonight, and Jet's going to sleep a bit later than he has the last few nights. It might mean that he'll get up later, too. I can but hope.

Good night

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