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March 28, 2003
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Work, Eating, and a Fall

10:15 pm: John let me haul away at work today, though Jet helped a good deal himself, and I got time with him.

The boys were up at 5:30, and went off to Erie Cafe and managed to get apple fritters and cinnamon rolls. By the time I actually got up, Jet was running around and around with a chunk of cinnamon roll in his fist, laughing. Happy boy. He was having a blast, and was completely full of it. Cheerful and into everything. It took both of us to get his shoes on and we ushered him out the door to get him to Joan's.

So I was up and ready to work by the time we got back. I just went upstairs and started nibbling at the edges of the problem that I was having to tackle. I have broken it up into chunks. I need feedback as to what's reasonable. I also needed to organize the pieces. Of course, that's when I got the message from the uberboss of the Interesting Problem that I'd told my boss about, and he basically outlined six simple steps to get me to his side of the house. There were two simple conditionals, one was that his boss and my boss' boss' boss would agree that the resource transfer would be okay, and the other was that his people felt like they could work with me and vice versa.

It seems so simple and immediate. That was kind of scary. Changing jobs is a big thing. He knows that I'm part-time. He knows my background. He also knows that I do a lot of telecommuting, but it turns out that he does, too.

Of course that kind of threw everything else for a loop. That was okay, though, as I got my status done in time for my 1:1. I also got a few things done, too. I got the feedback from Jayashree on my schedule that I needed. I got a lot of stuff done, and that was good.

Jet came home, nursed, and slept in his bed (we left his car seat in the car) for two hours! That was great. I got a lot more of the bigger problem done, as I needed concentration time, which I hadn't had all week, between colds and Jet it was better to have the time uninterrupted.

When he got up, I nursed him and we baked pizzas for lunch. He was really, really upset when I put the pizzas into the oven after letting him taste a bit of frozen crust that had broken off. He demanded milk, ad that managed to distract him enough to make him happy again until we got the pizzas out.

He ate nearly half an individual pizza.

I was quite impressed. He really liked it after it had cooled enough to eat without a problem. He ate everything, cheese, sauce, meats, and crust. He danced while he ate, too, and drank orange juice from a regular cup. He did it carefully, with both hands. I thanked him for using both hands and he smiled at me.. Cool.

When he was done, I went back up to the office to work. That was about 4. John had been working the whole time, but for about fifteen minutes while he was eating. So I was thinking that he was close to done with work. I didn't come back down until 6:30.

Jet came for part of that. For about an hour, so John had that time, too. Jet kept pulling on me, asking me to play with him. I kept telling him that I had to work. I finally went with him downstairs and John volunteered to play with him. They went outside for some part of it and down into the basement for part of it.

At that time I wasn't exactly hungry, but it was time to try and find something to eat. John thought that the Santiago's was closed, as he remembered that they closed at 6, but when he called them, it turned out that they didn't close until 8! And the one in Fredrick had the same times! Yay!

So we ran out there. Jet would twitch in his seat, occasionally, so we knew that he was awake. When we got there, we ordered everything to go as all the tables there were full up; but by the time we got the food, folks had gone! So we got a good table away from the door, so it wasn't too cold.

Jet got to sit by a window. He loved that, as he could see out. He also really, really enjoyed the Spanish rice we got for him. He ate it by the huge spoonful, grimacing at first at how hot it was. John turned it and blew on it to cool it off, but Jet protested having it taken away from him. Soon enough, he was eating away and singing to himself and dancing a little on his chair. He was really happy. He loved the rice and was shoving it in as fast as he could.

He was on his knees on a regular sized chair. They didn't have boosters as they were mostly a take-out place. They were high cushioned bottoms, slippery and densely stuffed. Yeah. Oops. Jet slipped while he was dancing around and had leaned out to look at a passing truck. He fell against the window and down between the wall and the chair. I heard the whack of his head against the windowsill.

Scared me silly. I picked him up, expecting blood everywhere. He only had a small scratch on his head. I hugged him while he cried his heart out. John asked him where it hurt, and he only pointed at his head. I was glad that that was all. Poor guy. He cried for about five minutes, and when he calmed down, he ate a bit more rice, drank more pop and settled into my lap to watch the cars outside, again. He liked that and was, soon, calm and happy again.

His head hasn't swollen, and even the point of impact hasn't bruised. So I think he's just fine. Dropping between the chair and wall slowed his fall enough that he didn't hit anything very hard. Whew.

I sat with Jet for the trip home, and he and I 'danced' in our seats the whole way. Wiggling, doing arm stuff, clapping, and singing the whole way. I thought his head would be sore from the fall, but he happily swung it from one side of his seat to the other over and over again. Wow. We even went the long way around.

When we got home, he asked for cake, so I gave him a piece of cornbread. He tore it up and ate most of it, too. Eating boy!

We then gave him a bath, as he really needed it after this week. I think we might have to do baths and showers more often than twice a week, now. He does enough that he really needs to be cleaned up some more.

He had his milk, brushed his teeth, and ran around the livingroom for a while. I told John he could go to sleep at any time, and he worked for a bit while drinking his herbal tea, and then went to sleep. I'm up a bit longer writing this and watching "Tyler's Ultimate" and "Ballpark Cuisine". It's kind of fun. I need to sleep soon, though, as I'm tired.

I have less to worry about now, too, so it should be easier to go to sleep.

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