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May 10, 2001
two years ago
three years ago


8:39 pm: Busy day today. I got nearly four hours of work in today and given that John was gone from 9:30 until 5, that was pretty good. Jet was really excellent after a really rough start, and played for a good hour and a half with an occassional diaper change but little other intervention in the late morning and then napped for two hours in the afternoon. He didn't nap at all in the morning, so the afternoon nap was okay. Especially since last night he didn't sleep all that much.

For the first time in a long time he was up three times last night. He was up at midnight, at 2:30 and then again at 5, and he ate at all three wakenings. It was pretty startling, I was so surprised by the midnight waking that I had no idea what to do and woke John up and the two of us did the thing we did so long ago. I fed Jet while John got the formula ready and when he was done, I pumped while he fed Jet. It was pretty quick.

I took the 2:30 feeding and John took the 5 a.m. one, it seems that if we get a longer period of uninterrupted sleep we do better, so trading off, while it takes about as much sleep off our totals as it would if we'd done both it seems to feel better. I got up at 7:30 when Jet was up then, and I fed him first thing and only managed to pumpe two ounces after that. John got up a bit before nine and there was just time for me to have breakfast before he went to work.

The early part of the morning was really rough because Jet was acting just as gassy and upset and grumpy as he had been acting all night. He'd cry if I put him down, and would still fuss if I held him and when I tried to put him in the sling early he just kicked and screamed a lot.

Finally, I decided I was going to treat him as if he were cheerful and eventhough he was crying when I put him under his toys he eventually warmed up to smiling at me and taking a few swings at his toys. Of course, he then wet his diaper and started yelling again.

I was kind of miffed, but the day turned out so good I'm pretty happy now.

Dinner was with the Goodells, which was really cool. Alex and Haley were both fascinated by Jet, and Jet really liked watching Alex close up trying to play with him. Alex was really gentle, and Haley wanted to grab Jet a lot, but his parents were good at letting her touch but not do all she wanted to do. Jet was really happy for the whole dinner, just watching people and talking a little bit.

The food at Lui's was okay, not really good, but not bad. It was filling and it was fun to be with the Goodells and just talk with them about stuff. They were a bit surprised by my short hair, but thought it looked good. Folks, on the most part, seem to think it looks pretty good, so that's a useful thing for me. People wonder why, and I have a list of reasons, but I guess the real one is just that it was time for a change.

9:38 pm: I didn't quite get my Mother's Day gift and card lined up in time, but FTD always delivers. Also managed to get Dad's birthday gift taken care of. I also, finally, took care of my gift to myself for surviving my first week of work. At first, I didn't really think I should spend money I hadn't made, but that really wasn't the point.

It's not a matter of money anymore, not really. And getting a few dozen mixes and a few neat kitchen items (including the probe thermometer that Alton Brown uses for just about everything in Good Eats) wasn't going to amount to much more than one of our weekly grocery tabs. It's just the old feelings that I don't deserve good things for 'just doing what I should be doing anyway'.

Once I realized that, I went to the King Arthur Flour website and bought my list of things from their catalog.

I also managed to get a baby massage in with the apricot kernel oil at around 4:30. That just seems to be the time that Jet's doing pretty good. He's eaten, had his early afternoon nap, and has played for a little while. So I got him onto the changing table, took his clothes and diaper off so he could just kick without encumberment, and draped a paper towel over him so I wouldn't get sprayed directly.

It all worked beautifully. Again, he kicked with all this might with the leg I wasn't working on or with both legs when I was working on his belly and his chest. He wiggled and coo'ed and smiled and his whole body warmed up with the massage. That was pretty neat as it had been a mildly damp and grey day up until that time in the afternoon. The sun had just gotten out and we were reveling in it and his hands were cold before the massage. His whole body was warm and mildly flushed afterwards.

The therapists and Michele claimed that the baby would start gaining weight significantly on the same amount of food. Also they both said that he'd sleep better. Instead, he's been getting up *more* often during the night, and he's eating as if he's in another growth spurt. Which he may well be doing. He's about a week behind the average on weight gain, which is probably why he isn't part of the 90th percentile that sleep through the night at 3 months.

Still, the pediatrician's book said that while age wasn't as important for sleeping through the night as weight, they said that the weight should be around 11 pounds and Jet's over that now, significantly. I don't think I'm really worried so much as tired. He'll do it when he's ready, and until then I'll just get that bottle of formula ready and be ready to wake up around 2 or 3, as well as pump at midnight, well before that feeding.

Of course it is the one thing that occupies my mind the most. Even while I'm working, which amuses me. I think that the days when I was obsessed by work are pretty much forever gone. Then again, maybe something else will change, and when Jet's in school and I have time to myself again, I'll want to get back into the harness. It'll be interesting to find out.

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