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May 11, 2001
two years ago
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Clean Windows

2:31 pm: So last night was gas hell. Not really all that bad as Jet wasn't up all night, but he was up at midnight til 1 when John and I double teamed him and got him fed. Then he was up intermittently from 1:30 to 3. I finally got him to sleep for a little while at 2:20 when I gave him some drops direct. He then woke up at three and I fed him from the breast, and then two ounces from a bottle.

From then he went to sleep until 6:40, which was quite an improvement. We all got up then, and I pumped while John tried to feed him a little. He ate off me okay and only took one ounce from the bottle before quiting. I just went back to bed after that, and John later gave Jet four ounces straight. I didn't get up until 9:15, when I took a shower and put myself together and I was out at 9:30. I really like having a leasurely shower that's also short.

Jet had eaten at 8:30, so I was able to have breakfast before having to feed him. That was very nice. I had the habitual grapefruit, a cup of yogurt, a glass of orange juice and half a bagel with cream cheese. A very nice breakfast. From there John had to go to work, he had meetings from about 10 to about 2, so I was pretty much on my own with Jet, who was mildly grumpy, still, from his lack of sleep last night.

I got him fed, and carried him in one arm while I went upstairs to check my work email. He fell asleep while I was sitting there, and stayed that way, comfortably for a while.

I eventually put him in the sling after a needed diaper change, and with him in there, I worked for another hour and a half. One more quarter hour to go for the day, and I'll still have the extra two from the last two days. Just that much less off-time I'll have to use.

The window cleaners came about then, and started doing all the windows. There are a lot of windows in this house, and I know they hadn't been done since we moved in. John found their ad in one of the mailers in our mailbox, so he called them in and for a really reasonable price, all the windows in the house are being done. It's amazing what a difference it makes. We also pulled all the cross-hatching wood things off the big bay windows as they just were accumilating dust and I didn't think that they added much to the looks.

It's really neat to be able to look out of utterly clean windows.

There was one moment when I looked out the front door and the windows that are set in the swinging screen door and I was utterly astonished at how clear the glass was. I reached forward and touched nothing. They had taken the glass out of the screen door in order to clean it. The other windows, however, had been so clean, I'd really thought it was that clean. The coolest thing was that they also cleaned out all the areas around the windows, all those areas that collect cobwebs and dead insects were all cleaned of the debris. They also pulled all the screens and scrubbed them. It was pretty impressive.

9:28 pm: It amuses me that with all the things I've done with work that it makes me happier that I managed to clean the oven today than anything I did for work.

Another thing that made me happy was that a package arrived this afternoon and it said 'Perishable' on it. I was holding Jet at the time, so I asked John to bring it in and open it for me. As he was opening it he said, "Oh, well, I guess I can't make it be a surprise." Which, of course, got me all intrigued.

It turned out to be a box of Dan's chocolates! Hoorah! For Mom's Day it was from both John and Jet, and it was really cool. It even had it's own cold pack and everything. I should probably pack some of them away in the freezer so I'm not tempted to just eat the whole one pound box. I had as many as I wanted today and I'll probably do that for Sunday, too, but that's about it.


Dinner was decided at the last minute. It was up in the air as to pizza or whatever, and finally ended up being hamburgers. It's been so warm today. I also wanted oven fries, but the oven still had some cleaner residue, so we used the toaster oven instead. I spent a little time before Jet's final feeding cleaning the last of the residue out. The toaster oven did just fine, and the second side was will browned and crisp.

Jet was so tired when I fed him at last, he was falling asleep while lying there. John fed him a full 5 and a half ounces and then he fought sleep hard. The pediatrics book said to start putting him to bed while he's still awake now to give him practice at putting himself to sleep, rather than putting him down only when he's asleep in our arms. Crying for ten to fifteen minutes is normal and won't hurt him, but it is pretty hard.

He's gradually winding down, and occassionally trying hard with a single loud yell before settling a little again. I think it'll work, a bit like he sometimes stops crying in the car when he knows I can't do anything while we're moving, now. Thing is that I know that in the long run it'll make things easier on us if he can put himself to sleep. Hopefully without all the yelling and crying.

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