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May 12, 2001
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Massage and Happy Bath

10:58 am: Jet has the coolest sneezes. He winds up with a huge AaaahhhAAHH! that is at the top of his lungs, and then a second later he'll do this little sneeze choo!

He was great last night, went six hours before waking up. Of course, when he woke up he was a wiggle worm, but that was to be expected. He ate off me, nearly fell asleep and woke himself up with emphatic wiggles. It took a good half hour to get him back to sleep, but he was good and slept until six. I don't know if he couldn't have just slept those extra two hours or not. He was pretty hungry.

9:40 pm: It was a really hot day. We went to the infant massage class and it was already really warm out. I had on my shorts, a short sleeved buttoned shirt, and my San Diego straw haat and it was so warm in the Baby Buggy I was sweating.

The class was okay. Jet was fussy from all the heat, I think, and so the latter part of the massage was working with an unhappy Jet. He especially didn't like being turned onto his front for his back massage. But we went through everything once, and I found that doing his arms was a lot like doing his legs. There's the face and back to do, too, but I may have to make some preparations of the changing table before doing the full-out massage next time.

John took a nap in the afternoon, while it was really hot, and Jet and I napped out in the livingroom while Jet was eating. Jet was eating every hour again, today. Which was actually pretty cool by evening as he wasn't *really* hungry. I got twenty minutes on the exercise bike and a shower at six, and the shower felt really good, especially drying a bit in the air afterwards was so nice and cool.

Jet snacked on one breast just before John and I were to sit down to dinner, and when I asked him if it would be okay if we would eat our dinner, he came off the nipple himself and gave me this big smile. So I took that as a yes, and Jet happily wiggled and watched the PlaySchool mobile while it played music, turned, and sparkled at him and John and I ate. We ate rather late as lunch hadn't been until nearly 3.

Dinner was the two ribeye steaks Mom and Dad had left in our freezer that first week after Jet was born. We also had salad, broccoli, and the last of the macaroni and cheese from a few days ago. It was cool food, and the steaks were grilled outside so there wasn't extra heat in the house.

As the world outside darkened and cooled, we gave Jet a bath and he actually smiled and coo'ed while he was in the water in his bathtub. That was a first. He actually happily splashed around, kicked and wiggled as we washed him off. He was getting really sticky with the heat and the disposable diapers. He also managed to get all of himself wet during one changing today, so I really thought he needed a bath.

It only took fifteen minutes, and he fell asleep so quickly afterwards that I'm thinking we may want to give him more baths from now on, as it's going to be hot for the next week. I think he's happier with it when it's warm out, and also happier when he's not sticky with dried milk, sweat, and urine. Said that way it's a no-brainer.

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