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May 3, 2002
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Donuts and Coffee, Communication, and Groceries

10:16 pm: I am still very tired. Jet slept wonderfully last night. He got up only at 2 to eat and go right back to sleep. He did get up at 6:30, but he was quite willing to get up and take him. They went to the Daylight donuts in Dacono and when I got up I found Jet wandering around with a donut in each hand. Even when he fell down he refused to let go and would use his forearms to lever himself up. That was very funny.

I slept much better last night. I'm not sure if it was the bath or the end of the book that did it. Both contributed, I think. Breakfast was quick with donuts and Jet insisted on nursing even though he'd had a pretty large breakfast. When I noticed that the frequency of swallows had gone down, I asked him, "Can we swap now?" I ask him that nearly every time, just as a kind of warning that we're going to swap. He surprised the hell out of me by nodding, saying "Ah", which, around my nipple might have been a "Yeah" and then letting go so that I could swap him around. Aiee. He understands what we're asking him, now and how to respond as well!! When he was slowing on the other side, I asked him, "Are you done?" and he grinned, nodded and just let go. Wow.

Jet then asked to sit in my lap while I ate my breakfast. He ate bites of my donut. He then pointed at my coffee cup and made the same sounds that he makes when asking for a sip from my juice or my seltzer or whatever I'm drinking. I thought about it for a moment, it wasn't too hot, and it was entirely unsugared, so, if he was like any other kid, he'd hate the bitterness. So I gave him a sip. He drank it calmly. When I took it away, he pointed again at it and asked for more.

Uh oh.

I should have expected it, I guess, he's his father and mother's son. He liked it nearly as much as the straight pu-erh. Whoo.

When we were done, John took Jet and changed him and set him up to go to Joan's. They went together, as I had my 9 o' clock meeting. John had one at 11, so I'd go get Jet then.

This time my meeting started off well, and I not only had materials I'd gotten to everyone earlier in the week but I even had a real agenda with actual subjects for discussion and decision. I learned form yesterday, I guess. I also know the subject matter of this particular meeting in far more intimate detail, as I've been spending the last three weeks on it.

So it went pretty well. But people, as usual, got off onto tangents, and the meeting ran well over mostly because there were problems that had to get solved. We got to decisions on most of them, and finished off a bunch of things that made Sudipto's development life a bit easier. We took nearly two hours, but we got through a lot of stuff.

I was glad of that.

Joan called to say that she was bringing Jet over at 11:15, so it turned out that I didn't have to get him. He was cheerful and happy and very happy when I nursed him. He seemed, like yesterday, to fall asleep while nursing, but when I tried to bring him upstairs (this time I didn't try the crib at all, I learned from yesterday, I just tried the infant seat) he woke up, yelling.


So he and I kind of bounced around downstairs until John was done with his meeting. John then took Jet and gave him the core of his apple. Jet ate a lot of it while I cooked. We all had lunch together. I boiled a pot of water and boiled some spaghetti. I had mine with browned butter and myzithra cheese, and John had his with bottled spaghetti sauce as he isn't quite as wild as I am with the butter and cheese. Jet insisted on being held the whole time I was cooking. When the spaghetti came out to be tasted to see if it was done, he held his hand out. I blew on it to cool it off, and then gave it to him after nipping some of it off to see if it was done, and he munched on it solemnly as I finished the prep for my food.

Jet reached for one of the buttered noodles while it was still in the hot pan, but I got it away fast enough. I then pulled a buttered noodle out and he ate it and hummed quietly in contentment. He now makes "Mmmm..." sounds when he likes something he eats. I then plated it and set him down while I grated cheese over the pile and took it to my place at the table.

I gave Jet one of the cheesed noodles and he took it carefully and picked off all the tiny curls of cheese and ate those. He then sucked the noodle clean of the cheese and tossed it. Meep? I then showed him me eating noodles, cheese and all and either he got the idea of he was still pretty hungry, because when I gave him another noodle, he ate the whole things, cheese and all.

Then he started doing laps around the kitchen, living room and dining room. Every time he came near me he'd point at my plate and when I handed him a noodle, he'd take it and run off again, eating. Eating on the run. He did nearly a dozen of those rounds before I finally caught him and tucked him, unprotesting, into his high chair. I rolled his sleeves up and then put a whole pile of my spaghetti in front of him and he dove in with both hands. Happy boy.

After he'd eaten nearly all the noodles, he started randomly shoving some of the pieces around his tray. I asked, not expecting an answer, as I usually do when he starts playing with his food, "Are you done?" He said, "Uh uh" and shook his head. I blinked, but left him alone. He played a little longer, and then ate a few more strands, played with them a little more and then ate a few more.

It really took me aback a bit. But it was pretty clear, again, that he knew what I was asking.

I didn't realize that both John and I have this habit of asking Jet stuff before we do things to him. We do it constantly. Everything from just before changing him to cleaning him up after a meal to seeing if it's okay to pull him off a nipple. We ask him if it's okay to put him in his car seat, if he's tired enough to take a nap, if he's hurt and if he wants to eat, drink, or nurse. I actually counted it today as he was *answering* and I really wondered what it was I was asking.


Coupled with this has been a tendency of his to, as Joan puts it, "throw a fit" if he doesn't get to do what he wants to do. He cries and yells and kicks and squirms if I'm holding him, and gets really, really mad and finally only resolves it with a, "Well, if I *have* to, kind of look." It's normal, I'm pretty sure. Haley went through it a while ago, and I think Joan had the best recommendation, let them express themselves, but don't teach them that it'll change the outcome. It also helps to just not be angry, either, just walk away calmly and let them have their fit.

Jet had quite a few of those today. Most of them brief. Most having to do with either wanting something or wanting to do something and not getting to. It's a new thing, now that he's more capable of doing things.

Jet had a pretty cranky afternoon until about 3, when I just couldn't stand it any more. John had wanted to go grocery shopping, but I had stuff I needed to do, and I was really tired of having to take care of Jet while John was in a phone call. So I nursed Jet in his room, and he went right to sleep. I tucked him immediately in his infant seat and he just stayed happily asleep. Whew.

So both John and I got two hours of uninterrupted work time. Then Jet woke up and while John said he'd get him, we were at the computers for nearly another half hour before we went anywhere, and I had to nurse a really unhappy Jet while John was working some more. This when John had been 'done' earlier. It felt mildly odd, and while I minded some, it wasn't bad, and it was good to be able to calm Jet down so easily.

So we headed off to Safeway when John was completely done. We ordered a pizza at Papa Murphy's, which is our wont before a bit grocery trip, and then stocked up. Safeway was having a 20% off all the meat you can put in a paper bag sale. Seafood, chicken, beef, pork, and many cured meats were all on sale. We got a bag and only half filled it as our freezer's pretty solid with stuff, still. But there were some really nice prices.

We also got veggies, milk, bread, baby food, on-sale juices, drinks, candy, and cookies. We were hungry. It's always something of a mistake to shop when hungry; but it's not like we wouldn't use pretty much everything we bought. The big chocolate chip cookies that John made last week were all gone, so it was good to have some snacks. It was bad, though, that I was so hungry that when we left the shop I had to rip open a package of giant Goldfish peanut butter sandwiches. Jet got one, John got one, and I got two. It did, however, stop me from shaking anymore.

I guess the one problem with the pasta lunch is that there isn't all that much protein in it and it just didn't last long enough.

When we got home we were all pretty tired, hungry and cranky. Jet begged to be picked up by me, and when I did, he grabbed my new sunglasses and threw them on the ground. I got really mad and yelled a "No." I then realized I was really angry.

So I gave Jet to John and walked out to the car to unload it. John got Jet settled into the high chair and started feeding him, which calmed him down pretty quick. Getting away from the situation calmed me down, too. I then just concentrated on putting away all the groceries while the oven heated up. I hate my temper. I am glad I caught myself before I did anything. I am also very glad that John was right there to take him. I probably wouldn't have done a darned thing, but it was much better to simply not have to see.

Tired, hungry, stressed out from the week and from not having journaled for most of this week because my brain was occupied with the work project and with the conversation I was having problems with. I shouldn't push my limits while I have a kid that depends on me. Especially while he's teething and irritable for reasons other than me.

We had dinner. Jet pumpkined at 8, which is far earlier than he has for a while. All this week he has been going to sleep more at 8:30 than at 8:45, and it's always been him being *really* cranky. I talked with John and wondered if it's because he's more active that he needs more sleep. Most kids have a bedtime of 8 pm or so, and it might just be that now that he's more active he needs to get to sleep earlier.

By 8:30, though, he was rocking himself on the rocking footstool for the big rocking chair and grinning to himself. After climbing up on top of it and getting rocked that way, he was happy, but after climbing down and falling a few times from being so tired, he got really angry. So John changed him before 8:35, and Jet was fast asleep and in his infant seat by 9:20. John went to sleep at 9:30.

I read some more of Alton Brown's I'm Just Here For The Food.. It's a lot like his show, with the mixture of science and food. He organizes it by cooking/heat application method, though, and does variations on a method for the recipes, which is how fried green tomatoes, calamari crunch, and eggplant parmesan get grouped with Wild Corn-Dogs. A few of the show recipes get a few ingredient changes (as the show recipes are owned by Food Network) and often an update. It's pretty interesting, but there's a lot of good reading between food treatments.

I especially like the theme quote, "Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance." by Leonard Rubenstein.

I needed the quiet time to myself and then a little time to write about the day.

Before Jet took his nap, an awning person came in to give us an estimate. She was very cute, and Jet liked her a lot, but he was also tremendously tired. So tired that any little thing made him cry or got him upset. He had her keys and was playing with them and started putting them in his mouth. Both she and I told him, "No, don't put that in your mouth." and he looked at us, looked really hurt, and then threw down the keys and started crying. Hard.

I have no idea why. I picked him up and hugged him solidly and walked with him until he calmed down. When I set him down, then, he went over to his hamper, and pulled all the washcloths that were drying around the edges of it off onto the floor. He saw me pick one up and put it into the hamper, as it was mostly dry. So he picked up the other two, one in each hand, and dumped them into the hamper as well.

This last week he's just done so many amazing things. He's starting to put stuff together, and it amazes me constantly, and there have been several things I've forgotten to write down at the moment because I was far too busy either with work or with trying to deal with Jet being so crabby, cranky, and unhappy with his teeth, which *still* haven't pushed all the way through, yet. His right eye tooth and the one next to it are making his gums white with pressure, but they haven't broken through, yet. I've mostly filled the week in today and tonight. I needed to.

I hope next week is a bit easier.

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