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May 7, 2002
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Chaos Burritos, Fixing the Mailbox, and Playing

10:00 pm: I got in a good, quiet morning at work, today and it was filled with fire fighting, meetings, conversations and laughter. I really enjoyed it. Jet was great last night, and only got up once to eat and then went right back to sleep. He got up at 6:30 this morning and John took him, easily.

So I went in after nursing Jet and having breakfast. I went back to super short showers, the way I used to in California, simply knowing that the water supplies here are so bad, it just felt good to do that. Also, with the warmer weather, it's more comfortable to do than during the winter. It'll probably help me feel better about my baths if I watch my water usage for showering.

So it was a good start to the day, and I went by Safeway on the way home to get some carrots and bean sprouts. Carrots for an experiment I want to do with coleslaw, and bean sprouts for doing another round of pad thai. Yum. Pad thai.

When I got home, the mail box was in a ditch, there was a strange car almost blocking my part of the garage, and when I got into the house and Jet got one glimpse of me, he ran for me and started crying because he wanted to nurse. He was also pretty wet, and the strange car was that of a lady helping John figure out a sun shade for our back porch. Between phone calls, Jet, and talking with the lady to get an estimate, John looked pretty frazzled. So I took Jet, changed him, bounced him until he was a bit more quiet, we finished a conversation over the valance and decided to get what John really wanted. Then John got to concentrate on his phone call while I nursed Jet, and Jet went right to sleep. I tucked him in his seat upstairs and he snuggled in and slept good and deep.

I pulled roasted chicken, tomato, avocado, lettuce, cheese, and leftover Spanish rice and rolled the chicken, cheese and rice into burrito tortillas and nuked them until they were hot. I added the fresh veggies, yogurt, and John added salsa, too. It was really yummy.

The afternoon was great. I worked the other two hours I needed while Jet slept and then we played and played and played.

Jet sat with me, happily, after getting some food after his nap. I just followed him around and we had a good time with trucks, toy balls, and the exercise ball. Rolling it back and forth to each other. He liked playing with my crank radio, thought he scared himself every time he cranked the volume all the way up. He brought books to me and I'd read bits of them to him, and then he'd go get another one. He definitely isn't at the 'You Must Read Every Page' yet, not a long enough attention span.

I did practice the 'ignore him when he does things that hurt' and 'pay lots of attention when he's happy' and he was just really happy all afternoon. I really liked that. He did pull my hair once, and I just sat out of reach for a minute or two, and he didn't do it when I got back but his attention was with something else. I also just ignored him when he started whacking my face when he was nursing while wide awake instead of interacting with him for it. I also made sure to grin at him more and snug him while he was happy and more still while nursing. That was really good.

John finished work around 5:30, and the three of us went out to fix the mailbox. It turned out that the post had just split in the new, hot weather, and the box had fallen down. Our mailman was nice/brave enough to have put our mail in it and left the door open because we hadn't known about the new rules because of the pipe bombs. Jet was very cool and brave and walked pretty much the whole way out to the mailbox, even over gravel, and taking detours onto the patchy lawn. There was a part of the fencing that would let him look at us, but would pretty much put a U of fencing around him while we worked. I still kept an eye on him the whole time, and he didn't get close to escaping, but it was good to have the physical insurance.

John slathered the broken sides with Elmer's Glue and I held it together while John got clamps fastened to it good and tight. That held it together really well until John came out with the power drill and got a bunch of screws to hold the whole thing together so that the glue will dry thoroughly. Jet was really intrigued by the whole process, and watched between finding dirt piles and sifting them with his fingers.

While we were out there we discussed dinner and I realized I'd had an unstressful enough time today that I felt up to cooking, so I just did a really quick dinner of macaroni and cheese, a pan fried ham steak, and some nuked French cut string beans. We also had thick slabs of John's French bread from yesterday and it was really yummy and all done in about fifteen minutes. I'm really glad I can now throw a dinner together in very little time. I think that part of our decision to eat at home was knowing that no matter the restaurant, it would be faster if I cooked.

After diner Jet was pretty grumpy, so we went out on a walk, and he, as usual, turned into instantly happy baby. He was talking to us whenever we weren't talking, and John and I got some good talking time in. Jet seemed to be listening as well, when I was talking. I was amazed by that. He was so much happier when we got back, that I tried, finally, to feed him some solids. John handed him goldfish, and he started eating them two-fisted.

Jet wouldn't let me feed him until he was done with his goldfish and then he signaled being done by dropping goldfish into his jar of food. When he'd dropped four in he was willing to eat from the jar. He then ate the last quarter of the jar of chicken apple that I had and then ate three-quarters of another jar of plum, banana and rice. He really enjoyed them and was much happier when he was full.

We then played cheerfully in the last of the sunshine in the livingroom, and then got to watch the 20th hour of 24. I'm very impressed by that show, each episode has had something interesting and new for the plot in it, and I still don't need to see every single episode to know what, generally, is going on. I also really liked the characters, and exactly what's shown about the reality of each. I really liked it.

Jet brought his Bob the Builder rubber ball over to me. It's just big enough for him to hold in two hands and he had his mouth on his side of it, and when I put my mouth on my side of it he started giggling a lot. I held my side of the ball and we both bumped the ball with our heads, which is a bit like his normal head-butting Alex, but a bit less painful. So Jet really liked that, and we kept at that for at least ten minutes. He also ran laps around John in the rocking chair, played with a Lands End catalog, and brought me Dr. Seuss books that he would only stay long enough to hear one page of.

Jet also performed the minor miracle of blowing his own nose. Anyone that's ever had to deal with a baby and aspirators knows what a miracle it is when the baby finally figures out how to blow their own nose. I just sprayed some of the saline spray into his nose and he took care of clearing the worst of the build up out himself. Yay!

He went to sleep easily while nursing, and we dosed him with Motrin, as Dr. Turner had recommended that for the teething as it lasts longer and he has to have less, overall, of it. I am mildly dubious, as with two doses of Tylenol he gets through the night, and if, on the Motrin, he wakes up at 4 am, and I dose him again to get him through the night, won't it still be two doses? I guess if he just sleeps on momemtum, through the rest of the morning, that'd be fine.

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