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May 8, 2002
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First Will and Testiment, Ice Cream Social, and First Cycle

10:19 pm: A very crowded day today, with lots of things to do and lots of running around. Plus a surprise. After two years of not having a period, that cycle started again. Of course it had to be the same day that I swim, but I figured out how to deal with that. It's kind of odd and kind of good to join the rounds that half of humanity has to deal with. The relief of it was figuring out why my mood was so tense and unhappy for the last several days and why I was having huge zits. Ick.

Anyway... Jet went off to the Goodell's this morning, and he took off the moment we released him from his car seat, and pulled off one shoe and tried fighting with Haley. So he was off to a good start.

We went to Longmont, found Bob and Lynn and Joan and had them witness our Wills and got them all notarized as well by Joan. She's an official notary and it was really nice to be able to take care of that at work. I now feel a whole lot better having that be done, as it's just something that needed to be done and it is good insurance for Jet's future no matter what our futures are. We do hope they won't have to be used, but it's just good to know that they're there.

The development meeting was fun. The meeting afterwards, to nail down the last of the first of my two impromptu projects for the post-freeze work was not nearly so fun. It's really hard when two people are talking at completely different levels and from different contexts and they assume the other one means what they mean. It also didn't help that both of them get frustrated quickly and start getting angry with each other. I was glad of Sudipto, who kept his head and stuck with the problems by my side, and we got the other two back on track.

So we were able to finish the meeting at noon. I saw John come by and peek under the privacy panels to the meeting room to see if I was there. I waved at him, but I didn't know if he saw that. Every one was waiting by my cubicle when I got there. We then piled into the cars and went to Burrito Kitchen, otherwise known as BK. Yes, that is an indication of how infrequently we go to Burger King.

None of us have actually *been* to BK, before, but we'd heard about it from people at work and wanted to try it. We'd been warned that the spicy pork filling was really spicy, so I stayed away from it. It really was a bit like Taco Del Mar or Quedobas, a burrito shop where you can pick from a lot of different things. But there were more choices, the folks that owned and worked the counter were Mexican, and the food had *kick*. There were seven tortilla choices, six meat/filling choices, two rice choices, two bean choices, six salsa choices, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and extra chilies. I decided on the bright green spinach tortilla, shredded beef, Spanish rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and a bit of everything else. They say that the burritos are a pound of food, and for less than five bucks I couldn't complain.

John and Cary got all the spicy choices, and Cary was happily babbling about how it was clearing his sinuses, how hot it was and how good it felt to hurt to much. Hee. John was grinning and agreeing. That was pretty cool but funny. The food was really tasty, all the textures were clear and mixed well. The shredded meat was spicy but not too hot, and the Spanish rice complimented that well, with cool, creamy contrast in the avocados and sour cream. I really enjoyed the burrito even though I couldn't quite finish it all, it was a *lot* of food. In fact, I didn't have to eat dinner after eating most of that mass of food.

Home again home again and we picked up a very excited and happy Jet, who had been "just full of it" all morning. He was looking pretty tired, but still good to go for a bit. Alex laid down on the floor and Haley and Jet piled on top of him. Jet was actually pretty careful to lay on Alex pretty gently, not just throwing himself on top of Alex. I was pretty pleased by that. They wrestled with each other, one big mass of giggling arms, legs, and bodies. It was really fun to watch them all together. We're going to get to go to their house tomorrow night to talk over how they're going to finish and insulate their sun room for a computer room, that should be a fun time for Jet to lay with both Alex and Haley again.

We eventually piled Jet into his seat and got him home and as soon as he was changed and nursed he fell deep asleep.

I got my 2-3 meeting in, and a one on one with Bill. I get to get my review on Friday. Whee... it's going to be interesting as it's been my first year doing 'project management' and I'll get to hear how I'm doing. There are no raises this year, as Xilinx was always just a bit ahead of the curve, and with the bad year there just isn't any money for raises. I consider the profit sharing and getting my full salary, instead of the percentage off, as a pretty cool raise anyway, especially with so many of my friends without jobs.

The 1:1 was good, mostly going over the second surprise project, that was really frustrating my boss a good deal. It was fun to acknowledge the frustration and then get to go ahead and figure out what to do about it. We'll see if it actually make the frustration any better for Bill. It *is* hard to contemplate such a change this late in the cycle, but what's gotta be done has gotta be done.

From there, John buckled Jet in, and took him out to the car after loading the car up and we ran into Longmont for the ice cream social. Jet got to wander around and see Anika and Quinton with Peter and Sandra. He also got to try and dive into the waterfall out by the cafeteria. John finally held him by the shins and dipped Jet's hands into the water without letting him climb right into the water himself. Jet was mildly frustrated by that, but then settled down.

Jet also ate a lot of my ice cream, a maraschino cherry, and as much of the whipped cream as he could get on his spoon. He also followed Quentin up a bunch of stairs to the top of the water, and they stood there and tossed rocks into the water for a little while before Jet decided he had to climb into the water again. He *knew* that that one shiny rock would be just fine to walk on, no matter that there was a good inch of water running over it. We finally had to drag him away and with far fewer people in the cafeteria, he was willing to explore a little.

This time he wandered around the cafeteria, meandered down a hallway and peered at the row of vending machines, refrigerators, and doors into other parts of the building. Debbie followed me and we got to talk for a while and it was really good to catch up with her about her husband, her dogs, and her vacation plans for the summer. That was neat.

From there, we went out and tracked down some culvert tubing for the drainage ditch by the road. We're going to open up our fencing and build a drive through driveway, so there's better access to the front door. Nearly all the access that presently exists is right to our back door, not the front door, so it's all a bit confusing. This might clear some of it up and it'll at least make it easier for folks that don't want to turn around. It was cool to find a 20 foot length of galvanized steel tubing that can withstand both a driveway and a car rolling over it.

Home again home again, and I wasn't hungry. I was totally tired, though, and cramping a little, so I just lay on the couch and napped. Jet was really nice and didn't whack me on the head. It was really funny when someone at work had told us that in two months they're about to have a baby and John told him to practice for the kid by napping and having something whack him on the head every ten minutes. *giggles*

At a few minutes before Joan was to come I cleaned up and changed. I almost always use feminine napkins, and it was very odd to use a tampon when I'm mildly insecure about them, normally. The really weird thing was that after having given birth to Jet and felt what it was like for him to make the turn around the pelvic bone, I now knew exactly what it was that keeps a tampon in place. Exactly. Which completely cured me of any and all anxiety. I wouldn't have thought that would be a side-benefit of giving birth, but it seems to be.

It's just so weird getting back into old cycles that happened Before Jet, and realizing just how long it's been.

Swimming was fun. There were only the two elderly sisters along with Joan and I for the class. They didn't close the deep end of the pool down for just the five of us, but having it be such a small class kept it intimate and it was just really fun to be with everyone. Fredrick, Firestone, and Dacono all voted for the new Rec. Center bond! Hoorah! By a 4 to 1 margin, too. So it was a very decisive win. So they're nearly quadrupling the center, making an Olympic sized pool, basketball courts, a full weight room and exercise room, and lots of other really cool stuff, including an indoor, suspended jogging track! And the prices aren't going up, it's all the local tax money and bond money that's going to pay for it all! I'm pretty impressed. I don't think I'll buy the bonds, but I'm pretty impressed.

Swimming, itself was hard with my usual period lethargy, but I was glad that I did it afterward, because I felt a whole lot more energetic. Joan said the same as she dropped me off at home.

The Ave and the Sharks game was ongoing when I got home, and the Aves were already by two goals. Woohoo! Watching the play I could, pretty quickly, figure out why. The Sharks have a really, really great transition game, they pressure and pressure and pressure in the Aves' end and keep it up all the way through the neutral zone. The Aves adjusted to give their defensemen some good, solid support from their front line, so that the defense didn't have to try and shove long passes all the way through the attacking Sharks. They really held the defensive line and it really showed.

I really enjoyed watching the parts of the game I did see, as the Aves had it well in hand the whole time and kept it that way.

One thing that John and I both especially liked was the pass from Forsberg to Blake, it was just such a classic soccer pass from the a forward playing defense up to the defenseman streaking for the open spot. It was just wonderful.

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