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May 9, 2002
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Dump Truck, Meatloaf and American Gods

A quiet day, with John back from work early. Jet had a mildly unhappy night, up a few times, but I got him back to sleep pretty quickly. I also am in the midst of Gaiman's American Gods and it's eating my brain so it's really hard to go to sleep with it partially finished.

John always laughs when I can't put a book down, and I am always incredulous when he puts a book down in the middle of a sentence to go to sleep. We're so different in so many ways, it's kind of cool.

Jet had a very good morning after waking up. He played well at Joan's and then took a good nap when he got home. My 10:00 meeting went long, and I used the celphone to tell Joan that it would be longer, so she volunteered to take Jet with her to pick up Alex. She then dropped Jet off at home after picking him up, which was nearly noon. So Jet didn't go to sleep until 12:30, so he didn't wake up until 2:30 and John was supposed to be heading home at 3 to intercept a truck that was supposed to be delivering 10 tons of roadbed. He'd given me instructions on what to do if it arrived before he did, and it turned out that they did.

So I went out with Jet to watch the dump truck dump most of its load in one place and the rest in another. Jet was cradled close and he craned his neck to watch as the bed of the truck rose, the first time, for dumping most of the load by where the new driveway's going to be. But when the gravel and dirt actually started sliding *out* of the truck Jet started to panic and cry. I'm not sure why, but I just held him close and bounced him and talked to him. He huddled close, but it was obviously scaring him pretty badly.

We didn't have to watch the last of the load getting dumped, so I stayed out on the porch, instead of being close to the truck. Jet did better with that, but still panicked a little when he heard the sliding sound. I held him close and reassured him, and then had to go in and get the checks for the load and the driver. About five minutes after it was all done, John got home. Even with all the planning he'd done, someone had delayed him a bit on getting home. Ah well.

I had a few things that I had to do. So John took Jet and they did stuff outside while I worked for a while, and then we all went to Swanky Frank's for dinner. I found that I was craving meatloaf, and so I got some. John got the great cheeseburger I'd gotten last time we'd been there. I also got an ice cream soda with chocolate sauce, and John got a peanut butter shake. Good, old fashioned diner food. It was filling and satisfying and Jet had a wonderful time flirting with the waitress, eating crackers and most of a jar of food.

When we were done we went over to the Goodell's. While Joan and I watched Jet and Haley, John and Ray figured out what they're doing to do to insulate their porch to make it into the kids' play area. It needs a good deal of work and they went over everything that John knew about such jobs. It gave Ray enough information for a good start, and then they fed us homemade ice cream. Yum. Vanilla with caramel and chocolate sauce. Jet begged from my bowl and then went over to John's.

When John ignored Jet in favor of his conversation with Ray, Jet took things into his own hands. He used both hands and started grabbing ice cream from John's bowl and stuffing it into his mouth. Hee. Impatient with being ignored, Jet just helped himself. I could learn a few things from Jet. Hee.

It was a nice evening, and when we got home Jet was pretty tired. He went to sleep just fine, but then got up every hour for a while, again. We are pretty sure he's teething. And I, once again, had a really rough time getting to sleep.

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