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May 11, 2002
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Three Kids

I have now had a taste of what it's like to have three kids, and while John and I did okay, I don't know how well I'd do on a steady diet. Then again, if we did have three kids they probably wouldn't be quite as close together as Haley and Jet who are barely a year apart. Alex was quite the cool dude and had a great time making his own dinner, playing and doing stuff on his own, and it was really neat just seeing how much more grown up he is than he was when we last played with him for any real amount of time. So I don't know that, if I did have three kids, that they'd be as well-behaved as Alex and Haley with Jet, either.

Jet had a pretty bouncy night, up three times before midnight, then up once around 3 and then back down again until nearly 7:30. I couldn't get back to sleep after he and John got up, even though I tried pretty hard, so I finally got up and showered and came out to find that John and Jet were just back from a donut run. They'd gotten yummy donuts. John had also bought himself a coffee as there was no caffienated coffee in the house. He did make me a pot of decaf from Victor's beans. It was wonderful. I should use the regular coffee pot when I make coffee, I think. Or else I should pull out the two-cup maker and just use that when John uses his big pot, as we do have a bunch of the filters, still.

Or I just have to remember to transfer the boiling water to some other container before pouring it into the plunge pot. As the totally boiling water is so hot it makes things bitter quickly. Or else I should just pour the coffee earlier. Or some kind of change in the brewing process as most of my plunger pot coffee, recently, has been pretty bitter compared to the John's coffee maker. Also, the less I nurse Jet, the more coffee I'll probably drink.

So I had donuts and coffee for breakfast. Jet wanted the coffee, but it was hot so I didn't let him sip this time. I did let him nibble my donuts. Then I nursed him while John showered, and we got ready to go and do the weekly stocking up. It was pretty fun, just a quick trip to Longmont, as there was a Starbucks in the grocery store, so we could get coffee there. Jet was asleep when we got there, so we took him, seat and all and put him into the cart. It did mean that there wasn't much room for food, so we couldn't quite do as huge a buying job as we did last week. Not a bad thing.

Home again, home again, and this time Jet went to sleep after nursing and took a good, long nap. Which was a very good thing. John went out when we started that, and he borrowed the neighbor's tractor and cleared the whole area for the new driveway. He scraped up the top few inches of dirt and put them into the ditch on top of the piping for the culvert underneath. That was plenty to hold it place, and then we had the pile of roadbed from yesterday. It was grey and cold out, but better than full sunshine for that kind of work. No sunburn is a good sunburn.

Jet slept the whole time and only woke up when John came back in. I took care of him while John showered, and then John took Jet while I threw pizza dough ingredients into the bread maker set on dough. It got started, and then Haley and Alex showed up. They'd both had good naps, just as Jet had, so everyone was in a great mood. So it was relatively easy to just play and play and play with them. We even set up Toy Story downstairs, and go some train ride time in before we had to go upstairs and make pizza so that it would be done in time for a dinner at 6. Everyone washed their hands, and the step stool was great for them to get up to where the water was. Jet even got his turn at the sink and he loved playing with the running water nearly as much as Haley did.

Alex loved making his own pizza and had fun rolling out his dough, pulling it and then tossing it into the air and catching it. When he was done with the dough, he spread sauce on it, and then he got to sprinkle cheese and pepperoni on it. It went into the oven while Haley got her chance at the pizza ingredients and she did pretty well with putting the cheese and pepperoni on them. John threw his together as well, with some green olives, and each pizza got it's time on the pizza stone. I was far enough in back of the line to chiffonade some basil and chop some sun-dried tomatoes really finely. They went on the sauce under the cheese. I like my pepperoni a bit crisp around the edges, so I put that on top.

Everyone loved their pizzas. Haley only was able to eat about a third of hers, so Jet got as much of it as he wanted, and he ate nearly a quarter of it! I was really surprised by that, but he just started shoving it down with both hands, and really enjoyed it. Haley had picked off all her pepperoni and eaten that, so Jet didn't get any of the hard to chew without teeth bits. He did, however, seem to like the cheese. Wow. We'll have to cut up some pizza for him the next time we have pizza, too.

Afterwards, John and Alex played Go Fish and that game where there's a stack of sticks and you try to pull sticks out of the stack. Not pick up sticks, but the one where there's a whole tower of long, flat bricks. Of course both Haley and Jet would home in on the tower, trying to knock it over, so they only played a few games of that. I tried to keep them both occupied for Go Fish, but Jet would go over and pick up cards and study them carefully. Haley was happy just letting go of a helium balloon and having me either bring it down for her, or pick her up to get it. Hee.

I am now sure that being a mom means having arms the size of tree trunks and boulder sized shoulders.

Eventually all five of us went downstairs and John got the battery for the train and all three kids rode it, on and off, while the other kids played on the slide that the Goodells had given us. It's a wooden slide, with two steps and a play area underneath. Jet started just doing the rounds of up the stairs, turn around, slide down the slide on his belly. He just did it over and over and over again while Haley and Alex took turns on the train. Haley ended up driving the train while Alex would jump on for a round and then jump off to slide down the slide and then jump back on again. Whee...

I think they did this for a good hour. I was pretty impressed with their staying power with the whole thing. Then they spread out the feather comforter and started tumbling, rolling, and wrestling on that. Of course that got a bit too exciting eventually as everyone was getting tired. So we all sat on the couch and watched the movie for the next fifteen minutes, and that's when we heard people in the kitchen. *grin* They'd come back from their movie and dinner. Yay! Lots of excitement as Haley and Alex gathered everything up, got shoes and coats on and headed out the door.

Jet was exhausted. He was also caked in an accumulation of a week's worth of ook. So we took him upstairs and gave him a quick bath. He liked playing with the water and now completely ignores all his bath toys. I'm sure that the trend will go the other way again, but for this bath, all he wanted to play with was the water. He didn't get to for too long, and I was pretty quick with washing him all over. When we were done, I did a quick cleaning out of his nose, we dosed him with Motrin as he's been having so many tooth problems at night, and then I nursed him. When John took him upstairs, Jet was so asleep he was pretty much a rag doll. Yay!

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