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May 12, 2002
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Mother's Day II

9:45 pm: John made it a really good Mother's Day today. Jet had a much better night last night, only getting up twice, and John took care of Jet for the first one and I took him for the second. The worst of my period was over, too, so I slept really well and was able to sleep in and really sleep all the way until 9 am!! That surprised me, as I hadn't been able to sleep in the last few days.

It was very nice, though, especially when John heard me get up he made a big baked pancake. I nursed Jet and gave John a little time to himself and then we had breakfast and talked over the plans for the day. John and Jet gave me a very nice Mother's Day card and a pair of European style headlights for the Passat!! Woo! They're going to be nice and bright and make night driving a whole lot easier. Not that we do a lot of it, but it's always a bit safer with than without.

The weather also was really nice this morning. It was doing a very unusual thing and it was raining steadily, a slow, steady patter that was gently soaking deep into the ground. When I'd gotten up for Jet, I'd heard the quiet patter of the rain on Jet's sky lights and it was just so soothing. With the local drought, anything will help, even if it doesn't make too big of a dent in the overall lack, it just feels really nice to hear the water.

Kathy also sent a really nice Mother's Day card to me. That was unexpected and very cool. Mom and I had talked on Friday, when she received the orchids I'd sent her, so I didn't really think about calling today. It feels good to have it be Mother's Day, again. The second time when I can actually feel it's also for me rather than just for my Mom. It was very nice to just let John make it my day. Jet helped a lot by being very cheerful and happy and playful all day.

I said that I wanted to head north to the Outlet Mall to look for a stainless steel saute pan with a lid and straight sides for sauteing. Alton Brown convinced me that it would be good for a number of the things that I cook, especially with the straight sides and lid, as there were a lot of things that weren't easy in the sloped sides of the omelet/frying pans that I've always gotten. When I stir in those things keep flipping out onto the stove.

I didn't really want to go to church, we've been going steadily. Also after sacrificing much of yesterday afternoon, I really wanted to do something for myself this morning. I felt mildly guilty about that, but John reassured me by saying we should do what we want to do and that helped a lot.

Right before we headed out, however, poor John cut his lip with his razor, and it just wouldn't stop bleeding. So we just were patient and let it stop bleeding. Jet was in a great mood. He ate a huge breakfast, including bits of baked pancake, big spoonfuls of yogurt, most of a jar of fruit and cereal, and lots of orange juice. He was just full of it and wanted to play play play, which was great as he was going to spend some time in the car once we got going. So I let him play like crazy, and when John's cut finally stopped bleeding, I changed him and tucked him in his seat and away we went.

Jet, of course, fell asleep while we were on the freeway, and he didn't wake up when we hit the outlet mall. The rain fell steadily as we drove, and I loved the swish and hiss of water against the car. I really miss that about Seattle. John decided to just sit with Jet while I went and shopped. First at the Carter's outlet, which had 50% off nearly everything, and there were even some irregular t-shirts that went for $2! Pretty cool. Jet really needs a few more shirts to go with all his shorts once things get really hot here. So I bought a few of those and one short one piece that had little turtles on it that was just way too cute to let go. I am a Mama. Yeesh.

I'm sure he'll get good usage out of it.

Jet was still deep asleep when I got back to the car, so we headed across to the other half of the mall and I stopped at the Kitchen outlet and found not only the stainless steel pan I wanted (Faberware at half price), but also a Lodge cast iron square griddle pan for less than $20 and a corn tortilla press that was 25% off its original price! Yay! I don't like having corn tortillas go bad in the fridge, especially when I can just buy a bag of masa harina and make them myself. The press is pretty important, though, as it's hard to really get *thin* corn tortillas by pressing them between regular dinner plates.

So I got all that and Jet was just starting to wake up when I got into the car. The moment we started to move, though, he fell back asleep. John and I looked around for lunch as we drove through Loveland. There weren't all that many place out in the business areas, and then we headed downtown and there were even less. It seemed that everything that looked even remotely good, on the way, had completely full parking lots. I guess it's a risk for Mother's Day, they're all busy.

We finally found this odd little local looking place called the Black Steer, and they had parking at the rear, and there were nice, huge signs proclaiming it The Rear Of The Steer. It was, of course, where they had the bar, and we sat there for a while as they got our table ready. Jet got to sit at the bar with me and sip my soda water while we waited. Of course, he stole my lime wedge and ate that happily as we waited.

We had hamburgers for lunch, and they were really good. Jet ate half a jar of winter squash, crackers, bits of French Fry and onion rings, drank most of a glass of orange juice, and bites from my coconut cream pie and John's peanut butter pie. He really enjoyed himself, too, flirting with the folks at the table across from us, grinning at the waitress, and basically playing with everything he could get his hands on. He also liked sitting in a booster up to the table a lot more than a high chair. His favorite thing, I think, was the bit mint at the end of the meal. He not only sucked on it for a while, but then took it out of his mouth and chewed the remains of it once he hit the creamy mint center. Munch.

After lunch he got to run across the parking lot, got picked up by John to cross the street, and then he ran around the empty lot across the street for a while, with either John or I following him. John had to go back to the restaurant for something, so Jet followed as best he could, and I took him back across the street. This time, while we were waiting outside, he had four different couples trying to get him to smile, wave, or say hello. That was a lot of fun for Jet. He got to run around and hug the huge stumps that acted as drink tables in the outside bar area. Jet especially liked one very gnarled, knotted old stump and laughed every time he hugged it. He ran around on the polished wood benches, and patted the horns on the wooden steer. He had a great time, and got to run around enough that he didn't protest too much when we strapped him in again and hit a Safeway to take advantage of the $3 cases of Seltzer, as I drink the stuff constantly.

We headed towards home, and dropped by the Goodell's to drop off Haley's booster and Alex's ball. They'd left them at the house yesterday. They weren't in any hurry to get up and do anything, so we just stayed there for a while as Jet played with Alex and Haley and they all got good and tired. Jet nursed and slept when we got home, and I got a little computer time while the griddle got seasoned and John cooked dinner. He made potato chip chicken and it came out smelling wonderful, crisp and bubbling. It was wonderful with mashed potatoes, salad, and green beans.

Jet ate bits of the chicken, potato chips, croutons, tomato, potato and then tried to eat from a jar with a spoon. He actually didn't try to eat, he mostly just played with it, tried to feed us, and then ate a few spoonfuls himself. He got a lot of cheers when he fed himself, so he did a bit more of that. That was pretty cool. We played a bit afterwards, but since all our meals were pretty late, it was pumpkin time pretty quickly.

Since he had a late nap, I wasn't sure if he'd go to sleep. He was kicking and then wide-eyed the whole time he was nursing, until the last five minutes, and even then he was still kicking a little in his sleep. But then he pulled off himself and then started snoring. John put him upstairs with no problem at all.

I went and ran myself a bath and used my second and last bar of Dreamtime from Lush and soaked in the hot water after lighting a few dozen candles around the tub. That was very nice. Just watching all the firelight while soaking out the cold of the day. The day had actually ended up clear and sunny, but late enough that the temperature never hit over the mid-60's. So my feet thought the bath was too hot to handle, when it was exactly right, and it was nice to soak some heat into my bones before going to sleep.

A perfect ending to a very nice Mother's Day.

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