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May 26, 2002
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Boulder Creek Fair and Naps

9:55 pm: Jet was up for two hours last night, but all in one stretch. So John slept just fine, and when he got up in the morning to take care of Jet, he told me to sleep as long as I wanted. So I did, until nearly 9:30. At that time, I went out to nurse Jet and talk over the plan for the day with John.

I'll admit having John sleep away the entire morning yesterday had me mildly aggrieved. I was also not feeling that good today. The cold really got a hold on me during the night, as while sleeping everything dries out and my throat and nose and sinuses were just killing me. Plus I still felt as if I hadn't been taken care of from way back when Jet was having the stomach flu thing and John had it took and I took care to make sure that John got to sleep. I'll admit that some of it was my fault too, as I hadn't said a darned thing about what I really wanted or needed and had, in the last several days, done things for John without saying that I felt cheated at all.

So I said. And once John actually knew that, he did a great job today not only of taking care of me, but taking care of what I wanted to do. I *wanted* to get out of the house today, as I'd spent most of the week in the house and I really wanted to do something fun this holiday weekend.

Jet had 'eaten' an orange with John for breakfast, along with half a bowl of cereal and milk and he was wearing a good portion of both. So we stripped Jet and I took him into the shower with me, and got Jet good and clean before I got good and clean as well. The shower is good for simply getting Jet clean, rather than having the play time that bathes give. Jet doesn't seem to mind it at all, especially after swimming, he seems to know what to do about the spray and he'll put his head down when it's time to rinse his hair. I'm glad of that. John came in and dried Jet off and put him together while I washed myself off.

We decided to eat breakfast at home as it would be less work and we'd have the energy for the Boulder Creek Fair. We got there just before noon, and it was huge. It sprawls all along the creek through the park, with hundreds of vendors, political groups, artists, crafts, and wonder peddlers. There's an area just for kids, an area for all the psychics, and two food courts. It's colorful, crowded, and it was much warmer today than it's been for a while. We were all slathered up with sunblock, so we could wander at will.

We ended up with several Hawaiian shirts, a tie-dyed t-shirt for Jet, and a block of grapefruit soap for me that was glycerin soap, pink and clear with curls of white soap in it that looked like grapefruit peels. Even with my stuffed up nose and sinuses I could smell the grapefruit scent, so I knew it had to be good. *grin* Jet watched everything avidly, walked for part of the way, hopped into the stroller for the majority of it, got a fireman's plastic hat from the firemen at the fair, and ate some of all the samples everyone was giving out. There was Silk soy yogurt, Morningstar veggie burgers, and snacks of all kinds. We finally ended up at the smaller food court, near where we'd parked, and I got an honest to goodness Philly cheesesteak from Philadelphia Filly, which was run by people actually from Philadelphia! Cool. The steak and onions and cheese were wonderful, I think the bread could have been a little softer and crustier, but it was good nonetheless.

Once done with lunch we headed home for naps for Jet and I. I took a bit longer than Jet. When that was done it was pretty much time for dinner, so I got out the portabella mushrooms, basted them, and let John grill them while I put together some coleslaw and heated some beans. John actually got out the vegetarian beans, too, so, mildly inadvertently, we had a completely vegetarian dinner. Jet loved the beans, coleslaw, and nibbled but discarded the mushroom and burger buns. The portabellas bled black, so John called it "The Really Dark Meat". Hee.

After dinner we went on a walk, and met up with Crystal and Rufus. Crystal takes Rufus, the dog next door who does a great job of barking at everyone that comes close to his house, for a walk every evening, and this evening she decided to come with us. She thought Jet was really cute, and happily followed along and let Rufus sniff and explore everywhere as they don't usually go all the way down the block. Jet loved pacing Rufus, and occasionally would stop to see what Rufus was doing. He got in the middle of Rufus meeting another dog, but I managed to extract him before any collisions happened. A good thing. But the other dog let Jet pet his nose, and Rufus then let Jet pet his nose and gave Jet a kiss back. Jet wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but didn't burst into tears. Yay!

Home again home again, and it was so warm John served up ice cream. Rocky Road from Breyer's. Jet sat in my lap and ate ice cream until it was done. Then he went off to play. Sometime later, and I would have sworn that Jet played in front of us the whole time, I went over to check something upstairs and found the entire box of wet wipes spread all over the front foyer. They hadn't been there long as they were all still quite damp. Somehow Jet managed to get over there and do all that without alerting either John or I. Uht oh. This could get interesting...

When he nursed, Jet went right to sleep. Yay

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