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May 30, 2002
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Hot Day

10:40 pm: It's 97 out here in the country, though they've reported 91 in the city. The morning was cool enough, and I had it on my own after John went to work. I had a couple of meetings, and when I went to get Jet, he was already asleep. Joan had taken him and Haley out shopping, and on the way home he fell asleep in the car. He slept until the Molly Maids came at about 1.

Jet and I worked, mostly, on staying out of their way. Though we did get some food for Jet, first, and some seltzer for me. We played up in the office for a while and I got another half-hour's worth of work in, and then we headed for the basement when they were done with the basement and started in on the upstairs. Jet was so intrigued by all the cleaning tools that whenever he was in the same area as they were, he'd go right over and start pulling cleaning tools from their hands. Oops.

Down in the basement, Jet got to slide on his slide, over and over and over again. Eventually he got tired of it, but that was a good half hour after he started. Then we went to the play mat with spinning disks and toys that would scatter over the spinning disks while music played. There was a button to start and stop everything, and Jet obviously knew not only what it would do, but what he wanted it to do. I was fascinated.

When the noises stopped upstairs, we went up and had our lunch. I had a sandwich and Jet ate part of it, and it was good for both of us. He didn't eat that much of it, and while he sucked on a pretzel bite until it fell apart, he only ate half of it.

We played a little while, and then Jet asked to nurse, so we did, and he fell asleep again. This time I put him on our bed, and he curled up, turned on his side, and stayed asleep. So I got another half an hour in, which pretty much was my time for the day. Jet woke up soon after that, and John came home as well and took Jet and made taco salad for dinner as well so I got some extra time in, in part to make up for the early part of the week when I was more sick. It was nice to make up the time.

The after dinner walk was under brilliant sunshine broken by big, black thunderheads. There were times of shade and times of a clarity of light like poured gold. I remember that kind of light when I was visiting Hubert in Arizona. Something so golden it looks like it was poured out of a beehive. Jet was in a green short sleeved outfit that blended into the spring grasses. It made for some really nice pictures. I'd randomly taken the video camera with us on our walk to catch Jet In Action. We didn't have many walk videos and Jet didn't disappoint and did his random walk kind of down the street and kind of back.

When we got back John put together the bins from Target with Jet's 'help'. I finally had to sit down and help keep the sides up so that Jet wouldn't break things by trying to climb over things that were only attached by one or two screws. We soon had the colorful bins together, and Jet's toys went into them. He soon took them out again, as he wasn't used to them being put away like that, but now we have something where he can reach all the toys and he can reach all the areas where those toys should go back to. The beginnings of being able to teach him to put his toys away. Yay!

It was so hot we couldn't let him wear any of his normal sleepers, and ended up putting him in a onesie. Jet can now undo diapers, given enough time by himself, and we just didn't want to tempt him at all. A onsie he can't quite undo, yet, so it's just a bit of insurance, as well as something that can cover his middle and keep him from getting too cooled off if it gets cool at night. But it's supposed to be in the high 90's tomorrow, too, so I don't suppose he'll have a problem with that. We'll see.

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