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May 5, 2003
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Mellow, Swimming, and Oaxacan Chocolate

9:19 pm: I'm feeling pretty mellow at the moment. Had a very busy day, talked with a lot of people about a lot of different problems and got a lot of stuff done. I was glad of that. I really enjoyed doing it, too. Lots of interesting stuff to do.

Jet was great. He had a good morning with Joan and Haley, he came home, nursed and napped immediately, which was great for a planned 12 o' clock meeting, and then stayed asleep for an hour and a half. We shared ramen, though he drank all the soup, and corn dogs for lunch. We went outside for a walk for a while, but it was so windy neither of us could breath when we got clear of the house, so we stopped and Jet reasonably went back into the house. He watched cartoons while I had my three thirty meeting.

At four thirty I changed him and we headed for the Eurovan, and headed to the Rec. Center. He talked about swimming part of the way there, and listened to a new song CD. We need to get him a few more of those.

We got there. Jet wrestled a bag into the Rec. Center and was very patient while in line. He held his hand out for the childcare pass and then held out another hand for a stamp. It was really cool The guy held up two different stamps and asked Jet which one he wanted, and Jet patted the one he wanted. When the guy offered him another one, he patted the same one and when he got it he smiled. Of course, the moment he got into the childcare area, he had to show it to the teenage girl that was taking care of him. She's great and always likes it when he shows her stuff.

We worked out. I ellipticalled, did weights, and remembered my water bottle this time. That was really nice. Jet loved the bottle when we went to pick him up afterwards. He drank a bunch of it.

John forgot his swim trunks, so he saw Jet and I changed, through the shower, and to the pool before he showered himself. Then he went out to watch us as Jet and I played. It's harder watching Jet by myself. He went around and around and around the pool. Then he went up the stairs to the top of the slide to watch people up there, and then to the center platform to watch people pop out the bottom of the slide. Eventually he got cold enough to go back down.

He then decided to jump off a step into my arms, over and over and over again. I started making the distance longer and longer, and he loved it. He pushed harder and harder off the step so that he could reach me. He would go under for quite a distance before he got to me and he didn't mind it at all. He loved it, in fact. And we did it for a good fifteen minutes, I think. My arms and back and legs got pretty sore from that, but he was having so much fun it was just cool to do. We just kept doing it for a long time.

Eventually he played with the fountains and with another girl and then some slide stuff. And by then he was staggering, and willing to go to the showers. So I picked him up and we went for the showers, "Cooolld!" he said, shivering, and stood, quite happily, in the hot shower as I lathered him up, washed his hair, and while he hated the rinsing off of his head, the rest of it he liked.

I handed him off to John and showered myself. Then we went to Ankor, a Cambodian restaurant, and had food. Jet ate rice. We ate dishes. Jet added soy sauce to his rice. Then he made a puddle of soy sauce on a plate and dipped, of all things, Pepperidge Farms cheddar goldfish into the puddle before eating them. Then he poured rice into the puddle and ate the super brown rice. It was way too much salt for me. He then started pouring pepper on it all, and then on his hand, and he ate that, too. He's a very strange kid. *grin*

He did drink a lot of water, though, which was good. No saline poisoning.

From there, John rode with Jet back to the Rec. Center, where he got the Passat and followed me home. Jet fell asleep along the way and is now in bed. It's nice to have him go to sleep early. I should follow him quickly, too, as he's likely to be up early, too.

Recently, I've gotten somewhat obsessed with Mexican hot chocolate. I found out, recently, that in Oaxaca, they have chocolate shops where you can pick various dried estate cocoa beans. Roast them to your specification, and have them grind them with whatever amount of almonds and cinnamon and whatever other spices you want and then add however much sugar you want. Then you can take home your very own, tailor made, batch of chocolate. That's what they use for a breakfast beverage, every morning breaking some of it off, adding boiling water, and frothing it with a molinillo. I'm mildly obsessed with authentic Mexican chocolate (El Popular or El Caporal if I can't find El Majordomo or La Soledad) that's not quite as sweet as Ibarra, with finding a molinillo and olla for beating it up correctly, and with the whole concept of drinking a bitter, coffee-like substance rather than the candy-sweet stuff I've been thinking was real.

It's been a mildly harmless obsession, so far. There are a lot of Mexican groceries around here and I want to check some of them out to see if I can find the better brands of chocolate. Worse case I can always just mail order some. Still, with such a huge Hispanic population around here, it would be nice to find it locally and not pay exorbitant shipping prices on relatively cheap equipment. We'll see how the quest turns out.

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