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May 4, 2003
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Dan't Birthday Party

9:12 pm: A very busy day, that started last night with my writing in my paper diary and finding that my arm and hands were really sore from that. Far more than when I was using the keyboard especially with the new Targus keyboard I'd gotten that actually has all the keys working well. The old 'n' key was not working all the time.

The problem is that with my present Visor, there are times when the keyboard option is ticked on for the software and some connection is sticking when it's not connected to keyboard and it starts doing continuous 'u's everywhere. Oops.

Anyway. I'm typing again today.

We had a really busy day. John was a sweetie, after getting his sleep Friday night, he got up last night to take care of Jet and got up with him in the morning. So I got to sleep in pretty well. When we did get up, we all went to the Coffee Urn and I got to indulge in my desire for corned beef hash. I'd been craving that or a little while.

it was wonderful. Savory and tasty and crisp all around the outside and creamy rich in the middle. It was great with two medium fried eggs and some regular hash. I also asked for the dollar pancakes instead of toast, as they have these wonderful, chewy, thin pancakes. Plenty of egg in them, and not so much air. Nice. Jet got a teddy pancake and bacon and ate nearly none of it. But he did drink a great deal of orange juice.

From there we headed into church. it was a good day at church. Jet had a blast, we had a good message from a student pastor about the "no way!" God, i.e. a God that does the seemingly impossible. Like the youth pastor cutting a piece of paper into a shape where everyone could walk through it. He actually did it, too!! I was very impressed.

I liked that. Problem-solver that I am. *grin*

Jet had a great snack that made up for his breakfast. He had taquitos, grapes, and melon chunks. He didn't touch the cookies or the cakes. That was pretty cool.

He and I went outside for a while, too, and played with Orion in several dirt areas. The boys got very dirty, but they had a great time. That's what washing machines are for. They had a great time. By the time we got Jet away and into the car, he fell asleep really quickly. That was good.

When we got home, I called Dad for his birthday that was really cool. I then went to sleep, too, and didn't wake up until just about 2. That's when John packed up the Eurovan with everything we needed for Dan's birthday party. We got everything in there before we strapped Jet into his seat and took him, still sleeping, into the van. Then we headed out. Jet slept quite well the whole way.

The party was a blast. There was a good hour's worth of socializing even before Dan turned up. When he did arrive to a good hundred people in his house and yard, he was very surprised indeed, especially since his birthday was a good four months away. His wife Bonnie, though, was giving him a trip to the top of Mt. Rainier, and it has to be done in the summer. So we were having the party now so she could give him the gift. That was really cool.

John helped Bonnie out a lot the last several weeks. They were on the phone a lot over whom to invite and what to do. Dan's parents had arrived on Thursday and were in a hotel a little ways north. They would come to the house only after he'd left for work and would leave before he got back and have time with the kids. They were sure he'd figure out they were there when he tried to call their house, and they weren't there. His mom called him back from the hotel, and lied magnificently about where she was. That was pretty cool. Also, they were having all kinds of problems getting the pool in, and ended up pouring the concrete Friday night!! So it was done just in time. She couldn't talk with Dan about why she needed it done by this weekend, so she'd talk with John about it. *grin*

The pool was beautiful, though it was leaking a little from one side. It was also 80 degrees. A lot of people said that was plenty warm, but I remembered the 82 degree wading pool at the Rec. Center and opted not to go in, as it was blowing pretty cold, too. John and Jet went in, though. Jet shivered for just the first few minutes, but with a ball in the pool with him, he happily swam after it and paddled around, and chased the other kids around. there were a lot of people who were amazed at how happy and mobile he was in the water. I'm now very glad that he's had lessons and has had such a good time in all the pools we take him to.

Mei and I helped to dry off the shivering post-swim Jet. He was really cold in the wind, and I wrapped both towels around him. There was a whole chest of towels out there that John could use when he got out. But I wanted to get Jet in as quickly as possible. It worked out well. Mei and I got Jet dried off, dressed in warmer clothing, and he was quite happy by the time we were finished. He did, however, talk about the cold pool for quite some time after that.

There was great food. Bonnie had an appetizer spread and when Dan got there, she brought out the BBQ beef, beans, a whole side of cold poached salmon, and five different salads. It was great! Everyone ate inside, as it had gotten really windy outside. Still sunny, but very windy. Jet didn't really want to go inside.

When Ryan, Dan's son, decided to go out and fire off a rocket, we all went outside to watch. The rocket was great, even in the high wind, once it fired it went straight up. The parachute, though, took it straight east. All the boys ran after it. Jet followed, with John right behind him. They went up this HUGE hill, along a road, and they ended up at the Eurovan, which was parked way up behind a hill so Dan wouldn't see them all when he came home. So the boys brought the van down with them.

Dan and Bonnie got to look it over, along with a bunch of other people that were interested in the pop top. It was fun to host everyone in the opened up vehicle.

It was nearly 8 by then, so we finally packed everything up and headed out. Jet was pretty tired, so a few miles later, when we stopped at a local honey stand and bought a honey bear's worth of honey, I swapped back to sit by Jet. He ate goldfish, nibbled on some mango fruit leather I'd brought along, and we talked. He talked about having me. He talked a little about the goldfish and the fruit snack, and I sang the monkey song and we ended up doing Piggies for the last five miles. He loved that and kept asking for more verses. I had the piggies going everywhere he'd gone in the last few days, and eating the things he wanted to eat. He liked that and I think he recognized them.

Once home, he really wanted to play with his toys for a while. Finally he ended up lying on the floor, watching cartoons. So John helped him brush his teeth and now he's lying in John's lap with a book while we watch the news. There's more snow in the mountains. that's good.

Damn. I am sad to say that typing isn't all that much better than hand writing, as my right hand and arm, again, are pretty achy. Ah well, I might have to figure something else out

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