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May 6, 2003
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Toothguard and Hand-Off

A full day at work, and John was sick. He was up with a head cold for most of the night, so at 8 this morning, when Jet and I were pretty much ready to head to Joan's he came stumbling out, asked me to call after my last morning meeting, and went back to sleep. I had been planning on coming home at noon, but when I called after my third meeting of the morning, he sounded horrible, but told me to go ahead and stay at work and to call just before I was to leave for the dentist in the afternoon.

So I did.

It's always weird to have a five hour schedule, but be in meetings for five or more hours on Tuesdays. I like having the full day, though, as it's nice to just have continuity for one day and just go home after I've had the full day and enjoy Jet for the evening. For one night out of the week it's an okay thing to get home tired, figure out some food and then collapse.

But today was even more different than that, as John had a church meeting at 5:30 and I had a dentist's appointment at 4:10 with no clear idea as to when it would be over. I even skipped out on Arun's staff meeting in order to get to my dentist's appointment. People were gradually falling asleep, and it was good to just get out and do something more important to me.

So I went to Dr. Davis' and got a new toothguard made. The old one had cracked along the length of it on the left side, and the left side often aches after a hard night of grinding my teeth. So it seemed to make sense that that was the side that was broken. The NTI was nice for daytime wear, but I had so much saliva from the thing that it was really hard to sleep with it. I guess my mouth's gotten used to the all over upper, but the partial upper kept it thinking that I was chewing on something small. The all-over upper device seems to, after so many years of wearing one, made it so that my mouth doesn't react to it at all.

I actually overestimated my time to get there, and I got mildly sidetracked by my obsession with Mexican chocolate and stopped by a little Mexican shop that I knew about in Boulder. They only had the Abulita brand, but they also had four wooden molinittos. I looked them all over, and took a while deciding on one, but I got it for about a quarter the price it would have been through the Net. So I was glad of that, and willing to spend less than five dollars on a tool that is only a specialist, made solely to mix Mexican drinking chocolate. It was really pretty, carved from wood with three free rings on a notched center, with black patterns on it, and lots of nice carving. It looked really good. I was mildly dubious, though, about it's ability to mix anything better than a whisk would. It was also going to displace a lot of liquid when it was put into it, so it was obvious that it wasn't going to be mixing my chocolate in a mug.

But it was nice to get it so much more cheaply than I could find elsewhere, and it was nice to get it in gift time before my dental appointment.

The dental assistant who took the molds for my guard was great. She was obsessive about detail, and even took two molds of my upper teeth because she wasn't satisfied with the first one. I was very glad of that. I needed it to be right, as I've suffered from guards that were wrong. So I'm glad she did that. She even took a wax impression of my bite, which was a first for me. Usually, folks making guards aren't quite as concerned about the integrity of my bite as I am, and it was nice to know that they had the extra data. We'll see if it actually makes a difference, but given that the main reason I was going for a full device instead of the front teeth one was because my back teeth bite had changed so drastically with the front tooth one, I hope it does make the difference that I want.

Oops. Just remembered that I'd forgotten to schedule the follow up appointment. I'll have to do that, still.

From there I made a beeline to the Taco Bell on 119th. It's where Ashley works, and everyone was meeting there after swimming to get Ashley to work, get a bite to eat, and possibly meet up with me so that John could transfer Jet to me before heading off to his church meeting. I got there in plenty of time. They were all still in line getting food. Jet was sucking on a big cup of pink lemonade and saying, "Aide? Aide?" whenever he wanted more. He completely ignored his rice. Ah well.

I got a taco and a burrito and remembered why I don't eat at Taco Bell any more. Ah well. It was fun to be with everyone, though, and see Jet and Haley mixing it up together and having a great time. They do play so well together and keep each other occupied. I can see why Haley has a harder time of it when Jet's not around when Alex is at school, though. They have a blast together, though. So that's cool.

When I took Jet home he was really tired. I completely forgot about giving him a bath and, instead, tried to feed him something a tad more substantial than pink lemonade. He finally ate some whole wheat toast with baked beans. Whew. I felt a bit better about that, along with some juice.

We watched Food TV, and he didn't ask for Goofs or for Bob. I was glad of that, and it was fun being equally fascinated about lots of people cooking lots of things. He asked to nurse at 8, and nearly fell asleep. I finally had to just pull him off, and have him be mad at me for a while, but then John showed up and got a very enthusiastic greeting. Yay! John went right to sleep after that, and Jet and I did the milk and teethbrushing routine before Jet finally got to go to sleep at 9:30. Whew.

I'm tired. It was a full day, and I'm not entirely sure that the toothguard was the right decision, as the old guard kind of works, still. It's a lot of money to be paying for something that I might not absolutely *have* to have; but it's something I've needed for a little while, and my medical reimbursement plan should cover it, no problem. So it's pre-tax money, which is significantly cheaper. Still, it's on the order of a few hundred dollars.

My Visor is starting to fritz, too, now that I've gotten a brand-new folding keyboard. Some signal got stuck after I had it on the keyboard, and there were u's flooding out the whole operating system. It was bad. I finally had to reboot it. It did okay after that, but it's an indicator that it might be getting a bit too long in the tooth. Sad for an item I've only owned for a bit more than a year. Luckily, getting a replacement should be less than my original one, still. Just a hundred dollars instead of nearly two hundred, but it's still money I'd rather not spend, yet.

The bonus did get on the last paycheck, so it would cover it, but after getting to see CeLena, I'm of a mind to just use it on massages. Things are starting to hurt enough.

The rocket mouse is working pretty nicely. I'm using it with both hands, and my left hand is actually coordinated enough to do pretty well with it, especially after I turned the scroll button into a click lock button, i.e. instead of holding down the left click button, I can just click the click lock and have it act as if it's holding the button down until I click it again. I really like that. It seems to be easier on everything, we'll see in the longer run

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