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May 22, 2003
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Rec. Center

A more productive day, today. I really got a lot done in the morning, and even got stuff done after Jet got home. I pretty much gave up on the laptop for the day, as most of the things that I need to do to it involve some downloading. I'll do that tomorrow, when I'm at work.

I did have my 1:1 and I did manage to reorganize a big document and get that out to people. That was good.

Jet and I had a good afternoon. It was pretty unremarkable. I managed to work on the home machine down by the TV, while he as watching stuff, so that was easy. He ate a block of ramen, straight, and wouldn't eat anything else. But that was something substantial, as he ate nearly half a block.

At 4, I called John and he wasn't at his desk. He called back at 4:30, and we left right then. So we got to the rec. center at 5, and tucked Jet into the play area while we went up to work out. I was still a little sore from last night's swimming, but not badly. I also found an elliptical with a lady that had only a minute and a half more on it. So when she came off, I sprayed it down, wiped it off, and headed on out. It was easy, too easy. Turns out that I hadn't set the level up to the level I usually work at. Oops.

When I did get it up, it was hard to catch up to my usual calorie count.

I worked pretty hard at the weights, instead, and we did a lot of chasing of Jet around the pool. He really had a blast. For the first time, he actually started riding on John's back through parts of the pool. This even when John went underneath some of the falling water things. Jet just turned his head and closed his eyes and giggled when he was through. That was pretty cool. We also took one of the double floats and perched Jet on the middle bridge between the two holes. He sat there quite carefully and proudly and road around the current pool. He loved that. I was glad

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