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May 21, 2003
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Getting My Laptop and Water Aerobics

10:39 pm: A pretty good day. I had problems sleeping last night with the new toothguard. It was just different than the old one, no better, no worse, just different. So I had problems with it and need to, I guess, to adjust to it over time. It's far more solid than the old one, which is kind of nice, actually.

Jet had an okay night, though he and John ended up not getting up until after 7:30. Jet's been doing that more often, lately, and going to sleep a bit later, too. So he may well be phase shifting. I will have to watch that.

We all headed off without breakfast, though Jet got to nibble on a Pop-Tart as he went to Joan's and he kept it when he was there. John and I headed to Cafe Luna for espresso drinks and baked goods, he got a bagel while I got some banana bread. I've been mildly craving banana bread lately, and I couldn't tell you why. It was good, though, and I ate it even before we got to work.

Work was cool. I got my laptop, today, and I spent most of the morning running around downloading stuff, checking settings, and figuring out what more I had to do.

Lunch was at Shorty's a pit smoked meats place that had good sandwiches and nice, crisp onion rings. Everyone had a sandwich of some sort and we sat around and talked. It was good. I also managed to warn everyone that we were going to Mina's for lunch next week, and that folks should RSVP if they were going to go. Lunch was good, the conversation was fun, including a whole section on comedy, and afterwards John and I hit Office Depot, the autoparts store, and Safeway to get a few things. I got seduced by a rib eye steak for half price, along with the list of things that I really wanted to get.

We got home, and I spent most of the afternoon on the same puzzle, ended up, in the evening with a clear list of things that I have to do Friday to get this to work the way I want it to work. John kind of woke me up at 5, asking what he should do about dinner. So I had him rub down the steak with salt, pepper, and oil. Jet and I snapped the asparagus, and when we were done, Jet asked for more to do. That was pretty cool. We seared the steak, gently grilled the asparagus when we put the steak on milder heat, and then I toasted some French fries as a side. Jet ate fries galore.

Then I ran off to swimming. I found out that they were selling the swimming cards two for thirty dollars, each of those has twelve stamps on them, so it's 24 entries for 30 bucks, which is only $1.25 per entry versus the $2.25 I paid for tonight. I didn't' have my checkbook, though, and it turns out that the punch cards never expire, so they should be good after the place is renovated as well as before. It might be worth doing if I do this aerobics thing regularly again. I'm still debating that. I still am not entirely sure that it's as good for my arms as I hope it is.

It was good, though.

I had fun doing it, and had fun taking a leisurely shower afterwards and then headed into Erie where I got some money for John and I and then headed home to find Jet and John in the basement playing Crash. There were also a ton of moths down there, so I got the Dust buster and went to work. Jet helped by pointing out all the "bugger!"s for me, and we hunted until the DustBuster wound down.

It took a while to get Jet to sleep, even then. He drank his milk and got his teeth brushed and John went to sleep while I took over. Jet was pretty restless while nursing, but finally calmed enough to just fall asleep. I carried him upstairs and settled him in before I had some frothy Mexican chocolate and a Mexican molasses piggy cookie. It was very yummy. I watched a little TV, got bored, wrote this, and then went to sleep around midnight.

That is the only problem with this exercise plan, when it's this late in the evening, I'm kind of revved up until pretty late

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