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May 27, 2003
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Backward Day

It was a backward day, today. I went into work, had a full day there while John took care of Jet at home. Joan was going on a field trip with Alex and Haley, so she wasn't able to take Jet along with her. So John and Jet had a good time at home while I was at work. They watched videos, went to the playground and the post office, and when they came home, Jet fell asleep quite well for John.

It was fun to have the whole day at work, today. I got lucky and had a few meetings cancelled, and I got to have my lunch with Bob, finally. We had a blast talking about everything and anything. He's such a great support for my writing, I'm going to have to think some more. One interesting idea we came up with was about writing about all the technical wealth that's happened and what people are now doing with all the money they made off the booms. Both of us know quite a few people in that situation and the things that they're doing with money and the consciences to drive it are pretty cool.

In the afternoon we all met at the Longmont Rec. Center, and had a blast. Jet swam all around when it was his time, and both John and I sweated a whole bunch while doing our aerobic stuff. I think it's because the weather is so much hotter, but the air conditioning in the building was going full blast.

It was interesting doing it all the other way around. It was funny to be the one that was first there, to wait for the van, and to help with getting everything from the van into the Rec. Center. Jet was entirely happy to play in the kidcare area, and he'd already had two bowel movements during the day, so we didn't have a problem with him having us called in while we worked out. He swam happily, ran about, and went up the stairs, twice, to watch all the big kids going down the big slides. He didn't want to do it himself, still, but he got closer, and I think that he's less afraid. That's a very good thing. He did, however, run on the concrete at one point, and completely lost his footing and fell on his side.

He cried a lot, and John held him until he felt better. Then he was off again, but very careful to walk on the concrete, again. It's good to know that he learns so well.

For dinner, we hit Deli Ciosos for the first time in a while, and we all ate pretty well. Jet, however, refused pretty much everything, and only wanted pop and candy. Bah. So we finally ended up getting him some taquitos and he nibbled crisp ends, but that was mostly a bust.

He was, however, quite tired. Happy, too. Which was really good. He got ramen when he got home, and ate it himself. We also fed him some ice cream, milk, and a cookie. So he got plenty of calories for the day and all the activity he'd been doing

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