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May 28, 2003
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Jet Has a Temperature

5:38 pm: Jet's sick He has a 102 degree temperature, but on Tylenol he seems to be doing much better. He's actually running around and playing with stuff now instead of just lying in my arms and whimpering. He really didn't want me to let him go, so I held him for about an hour as the drug worked.

He'd been complaining, mildly, that his head hurt, at Joan's, but he didn't get hot until he was home for a while. He refused to eat anything for lunch, and now I can see why. He's now happy as a clam, though, with a big glass of warm milk in him, and stuff to play with.

I'm doing okay. My arms are having problems, but my laptop is finally set up right. I'm figuring out how to work with it, and it's good. I've gotten all the tools that I want on the machine, and they all seem to work and it's much easier than lugging around the removable hard disk or working only with the machine up in the office. I can actually work down in the livingroom while Jet needs me. I like that a lot.

We had lunch at Mina's Paradisio Azteca, and they did much better than on opening night. They were mildly surprised to see us at lunch, but pleased. I was glad of that. The lunch menu is significantly simpler than the dinner menu, but it was still easy to find something. I'm glad that they managed to do a vegetarian chimichanga with potatoes and rice for Smitha, as that's what she really wanted, and she enjoyed the spices and flavors of the food. It was fun watching the whole table do salsa testing. With the really, really hot fruit salsas being a huge hit with the folks that liked spicy foods. The waitress warned everyone off the hot, but there were actually a few folks that were mildly disappointed with their spiciness level, and asked for add-ons. They obliged happily.

So that went well.

I am avoiding swimming tonight as I'll be in the pool tomorrow as well as yesterday, so I'm kind of tired. I should probably get the passes from the Carbon Valley Rec. Center anyway, as it's a pretty good deal to have 24 visits for only $30 with no expiration date on them. I'll probably just drive over there to get the passes and pass on the swimming tonight.

Ooo... Jet's eating something!!

He actually asked for ramen, and ate a bit of a brick while I was boiling the water for the rest of it, and he ate a whole half a brick along with most of the soup and a big glass of milk. Whew. I guess the Tylenol got him to feeling better. I think that it got his fever down to the point where he's comfortable enough. It'll be an interesting night tonight.

Both John and I were so stuffed from lunch that neither of us is all that hungry at the moment, so I might just have a mug of chocolate and my daily vitamins and call that a meal. It'll at least be satisfying.

A very cool thing has been being able to leave the TV off all afternoon while Jet found other things to play with. That's been good. I kind of like the quiet.

10:38 pm: Jet felt much better after the Tylenol. He perked up, played a lot, ate quite a lot, and acted a whole lot happier. John and I ended up eating turkey meatballs on spaghetti, and then we all went into the basement to enjoy the coolness and watch and play a little Bandicoot. I iced my hands while eating dinner and everything feels a whole lot better.

I still have to be careful. I'll still get the appointment with CeLena, I think, just to take care of things.

Jet was very much happier all evening. He cheerfully pointed out boxes when they appeared, he ate chocolate cookies, and he wanted hugs and getting snuggled, especially by the person most involved in playing the game. That was pretty funny.

John and I are on the last ten percent of the Crash II game, and we're finding some pretty whacky stuff. Like the fact that the blue gem can only be gotten if you go through the very first level and not crack a single box. It's a little tricky at points, especially where there's a whole wall of boxes to get over without cracking a single one. That was pretty fun.

We'd given up on John's first game after he'd gotten 97% of it, as it got pretty tricky trying to find certain things, but I think we're more organized this time, actually wrote everything down, figured out exactly what we need for the levels that are left. It was imperative to write it all down because we forget so much between sessions, now, and the sessions are much shorter than they were pre-Jet. Which is a good thing, all in all.

Afterwards, we had some ice cream, I brushed Jet's teeth. He promptly wiped his face on my shirt before hopping into my arms to get cuddled to sleep. He got more Tylenol at 8, but he's still pretty warm. So I put him in his summer PJs and tucked him in with only a pillowcase for a blanket. The pediatrician's book said to just keep him cool, cover him lightly if he needed covering, and let him get rid of as much of the heat as he could. If he wakes up at midnight or beyond, we'll feed him more fever suppressor and let him work it through.

It's good to have resources as to what to do. I hit PediatricWeb, with a code of lclinic to indicate that we're coming from the Longmont Clinic, and it has a great reference for 'my child is sick'. Not only is there quick references for all kinds of symptoms, but it also tells me about what's going around our neck of the woods right now. I really like the link to our locality. It's also just really clearly written about what I should look for and what I can do about the situation. I really love that.

So I can sleep easy tonight. Whew

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