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May 26, 2003
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Long Weekend

The long weekend was really, really, truly busy. We did a lot of stuff.

Saturday we managed to get out next door neighbor's girl to come over to watch Jet for the afternoon and John and I go to see The Matrix Reloaded, and enjoyed it a very, very great deal. The morning was filled with gardening stuff, including repotting all my tomato plants into something bigger that could just stay outside.

Sunday was the Boulder Creek Fair in the morning and early afternoon. We went there as early as possible to find some parking and got pretty lucky. The fair is spread all through the park there in Boulder, all along the banks of the creek. Jet did great. We had the stroller and he was pretty content to ride it most of the time, especially when we started out by having him go into a jumping thing. He got to jump with a bunch of bigger kids for a good, long time and he worked off a lot of excess energy that way and was pretty content to ride the rest of the day.

Though it did get hot. We did get tired, and we ate lunch from the various booths there. Jet drank some smoothie, and ate some fries, but wasn't terribly good about eating things that were any better for him, so he was pretty grumpy by the time we left around 2. He fell dead asleep on the way home. That was very nice.

I did a few things on the computer while Jet was asleep, and after dinner we all went downstairs to play Crash, and I got a migraine from all the screen watching and from tension while watching Crash. It may well have also been an accumulation of tensions from work and other things. It was pretty terrible. I crawled into bed with my NTI device, which is supposed to help with migrains, and took some painkillers and felt much better in the morning.

Monday we invited a bunch of people over. Bob and Andrew made it, and the Goodells did, too. It was a very low-key little party. John got Jet plenty of gravel for his sandbox in the morning, so Jet was happy to show Alex and Haley were the sandbox now was, and they played very, very happily out there, and it was easy to see them from the house. A very big plus for a play area that they like. I was very happy with that.

The BBQ went well, the ribs cooked up nicely on Saturday, and I should have left them in the oven another hour or so. They were cooked and tender enough to eat, but not that fall-off-the bone tender I really love. They did taste good, though, especially with a bit of BBQ sauce smeared on them before grilling. Yay! So it all worked out well and we ended up, after the weekend, pretty tired out. A good vacation weekend, all in all

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